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40 Before & After Couple Photos Prove There is Forever in Love

Age is just a number; love is forever.


Whether you are a fan of the great Barry White (may his soul rest in peace) or not, you will certainly agree that “Love Ain’t Easy.” At the start, you will feel all butterflies in your stomach. But you know, too, that the true game starts after the initial romance. Marriage, in fact, is only the beginning.

While we have seen couples come and go, there are those who actually survived a great run. You know, the kind of stuff where people grow old and stay in love. You really think it is only true in the movies? Well, you are missing a lot!

Today, we are going to feature couples who have conquered the test of time. Although some of them are already at their 50s or 60s, their love for each other is just as strong as they first met. Below are before-and-after pics of couples that prove there is forever in love. If you have lost faith in love, do not. Check these photos and be inspired!


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Source: Burk Uzzle

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Source: Georgia Carr

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So, what do you think? Are these photos enough to convince you that there is everlasting love? Because if not, I do not know what else will convince you. If you are still waiting for the right guy or girl, just be patient. Love will find its way to you!

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A Handful Of Tips For A Better And Happier Life

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As we all know it, happiness is not something you can easily obtain. Being lonely is easy, that’s why many people end up being sad. Happiness takes an effort to achieve. Simply put, pursuing happiness requires hard work.

It goes without saying that everybody wants to be happy. So, in order to help you out, check out this list of a few exercises you can embed in your lifestyle in order to achieve happiness.

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Grandma Gives Birth To Her Grandson And She’s Ready To Do It Again

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They said that a parent will do anything for his or her children. Remember when rumors claimed that Kylie may be the surrogate for her sister Kim, Megan Barker may have bested the Kardashians when she became the surrogate for her own daughter due to medical reasons.

Yup, you read that right! The 49-year-old grandmother conceived her grandson in 2016 and she’s ready to do it again.

Megan Barker, 49, while pregnant with his grandson.

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Widow Meets Man Who Now Has Her Dead Husband’s Face

Lilly Ross feared that seeing her husband again would bring back painful memories.

Andy Sandness, 26, tried to kill himself by putting a rifle under his chin in 2006. His attempt was unsuccessful and it resulted in his distorted face. For almost 10 years, Sandness withdrew himself because he feared of what people might think of his face. But in 2016, he received something that would change his life - a new face.

Sandness' new face coincidentally came from someone who also committed suicide. In the middle of 2016, Calen "Rudy" Ross shot himself to death, leaving behind his wife, Lilly, and their then-unborn child. Lilly decided to donate some of Calen's organs, as well as his face. And just last month, she met Sandness, the man who is now wearing her late high school sweetheart's face.

Lilly met Andy, the recipient of a face transplant, just last month.

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