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This Baby Met His Dad’s Twin for the First Time!  His Reaction? PRICELESS!





Generally, when kids are already exposed to society or community to meet new people, friends, strangers and even relatives, they have the tendency to feel shy and aloof. Sometimes, they become really scared and do not want to be left out by their parents. Simply because they just cannot easily adapt to a new environment and people. They still need time to feel and adjust to it.

Just like what happened with baby Charlie in the video. Baby Charlie was used to seeing only his parents, close relatives near their place and friends. Hence, when he met his dad’s brother, he was quite amused and shocked. Not because it was the first that he met his dad’s brother, but he realized that his uncle has the same exact face with his dad. They were identical twins. Can you imagine now the confusion in Baby Charlie’s face? His reaction was definitely speechless.

Watch the hilarious encounter:

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