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This Baby Met His Dad’s Twin for the First Time!  His Reaction? PRICELESS!

Watch his confused face. So cute!

Generally, when kids are already exposed to society or community to meet new people, friends, strangers and even relatives, they have the tendency to feel shy and aloof. Sometimes, they become really scared and do not want to be left out by their parents. Simply because they just cannot easily adapt to a new environment and people. They still need time to feel and adjust to it.

Just like what happened with baby Charlie in the video. Baby Charlie was used to seeing only his parents, close relatives near their place and friends. Hence, when he met his dad’s brother, he was quite amused and shocked. Not because it was the first that he met his dad’s brother, but he realized that his uncle has the same exact face with his dad. They were identical twins. Can you imagine now the confusion in Baby Charlie’s face? His reaction was definitely speechless.

Watch the hilarious encounter:

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When This 2 Year Old Girl Sings for Her Dad, OMG! She’s So Cute I’m Gonna Die!

My brain is going to explode from the cuteness.


I have been hearing about children who manifest great potentials at such an early age. They are just so wonderful to watch. Who would not be delighted? Their cute voices are just like a ray of sunshine that can make you smile no matter how ridiculous they sound. Believe me, they can even make you laugh and sometimes cry. I am not kidding!

Just like the 2 year old child in this video who was not shy to show off her talent in singing. When Josie was asked to sing a kid’s song entitled “Old MacDonald,” by her father, she quickly made her moves and sing the song with energy and pride. She's so cute and adorable.

Watch the Adorable Video:


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When You See What This Mother Did To Her Newborn Baby, You’ll be Shocked! OMG.

When she put her mouth on her newborn baby, I was expecting the worst. But few seconds later. Wow! That was worth watching.


Durrell Wild Conservation Trust is a conservation organization with a mission to save species from extinction. It was formerly known as Jersey Wildlife Conservation Trust - a charitable institution on 1963 with Dodo as its symbol but was renamed on the 26th of March, 1999 in honor of its founder Gerald Durrell. At the grounds of Les Augres Manor form a sanctuary and breeding center for endangered species called the Durell Wildlife Park.

Published on 2013, a rare footage of a mother orangutan giving birth to a Sumatran orangutan named Kea was caught live on video by a staff from Durell Wildlife Park. They considered it a "miracle birth."

When I saw this mother orangutan put her mouth on her newborn baby, I was expecting the worst. But few seconds later, I noticed that she was only trying to clean the remaining birth fluids from the baby orangutan with her mouth. I was overwhelmed by the most natural and amazing maternal instinct the mother orangutan has, of how it's exactly like humans. The sight of her cradling Kea, removing the umbilical cord and holding her tightly in her arms was just surreal. It reminds me of how our mothers take good care of us when we were little, keeping us safe inside their arms....

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Her Flight was Delayed While on Board the Plane! But These Old Men Saved the Day!

Wish I was on that flight!


What is infuriating about travelling is when you find out that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. It is not only annoying but it is very frustrating. It is the least that you want to have after stressing yourself in planning your trip. Sadly, such disappointing occurrences are just normal. Nothing is new about it. You just have to deal with it. It is either you make something out of the situation or totally prevent yourself from having fun and ruin your well-planned travel.

Take a look at the video. A few minutes after Kari Mann boarded the plane, the passengers were informed that the plane’s take off will be delayed for some reasons. And that was more annoying than being delayed while still in the airport terminal. At least if you are at the airport, you can do a lot of stuff. But if you are already inside the plane, there is nothing you can do but sit and wait.

Fortunately, there were four old men who happened to be the once famous band, barbershop quartet! They surely knew how to make everyone smile....

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