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Author Presents Painful Analogy To Explain Women’s Rage Over Brett Kavanaugh





People still can’t get over Judge Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the US Supreme Court. Interestingly, one author decided to present a painful analogy that would explain why women are opposed to Kavanaugh’s new position. He made sure that the explanation would be understood by men from all walks of life.

A.R. Moxon is an author who wanted men to participate in an exercise of empathy. To do so, he used the act of being kicked in the nuts as a euphemism for women being assaulted. It’s a painful analogy yet it may have sent his message across to thousands of men.

Moxon wanted men to understand women’s rage in the most painful way possible.

Moxon explained why he chose the brutal analogy.

“Speaking on the societally-macro level, empathy has been largely a one-way street when it comes to gender dynamics. In my experience, women are empathetic toward men, while men tend not to be particularly empathetic toward women.

“Put another way, women have to think about what men are feeling as a matter of survival. Men aren’t in a similar situation, and so, if they don’t want to, they don’t. And, by and large, we don’t want to.”

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been truly controversial.

Source: AP

Moxon admits that his analogy is somehow flawed. Nevertheless, it offers a new perspective for men who don’t understand why women are strongly opposed to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“The Kavanaugh confirmation proves once again that one of the primary drivers of our society right now is normalized abuse and enablement of abuse. In such a society, the telling of wrong is itself seen as the wrong. It’s unutterably sad. It’s why the country has a bully with the mind of a cruel child as president, supported by power, cheered by crowds.”

You can read about Moxon’s post below. Let us know what you think of the painful analogy in the comments section.