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Architect to Build 36-Storey Tower Covered in Evergreen Trees





A 384-feet tall structure covered in evergreen trees will soon rise up in Switzerland, courtesy of an Italian architect looking to construct the world’s first truly green building.

Stefano Boeri, an architect and urban planner, who is making it his life’s work to bring biodiversity and sustainable architecture to the world, will soon be building “La Tour des Cedres,” or The Tower of Cedars in Lausanne, Switzerland…

..a 36-storey apartment that will be home to thousands of plants, shrubs and trees

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Boeri, who has a PhD. in architecture from the Iuav University of Venice, is no stranger to blossoming buildings. He has conceptualized and is continuing to build Vertical Forest, a biodiversity project of 367-feet tall twin residential towers in Milan covered in 900 trees, and over 2000 shrubs and floral plants.

His “La Tour des Cedres,” which will host 100 trees, 6000 shrubs, and 18000 plants covering approximately 3000 square meters of living space, will serve to protect the apartments within from harsh urban elements, including dust, air pollution, noise pollution, and strong winds.

Not to mention be an eye-catching landmark in a busy, metropolitan city…

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Towering like a virtual hive over the Chavannes-Près-Renens distrit of Lausanne, the “La Tour des Cedres” will feature overhanging rectangle-shaped terraces constructed out of reinforced concrete panels, and accented by different species of evergreen trees, shrubs, and low-growing plants, while its residents have the privilege of looking out their all-glass balcony walls to enjoy green surroundings…

…as well as the breathtaking view of the cityline.

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The predominantly residential green apartment tower, with different sized apartments of two to five bedrooms each, will also house offices in its first few floors, a gym, and a greenery-bedecked restaurant on the rooftop giving diners a panoramic view of the city, all the way to Lake Geneva.

A view to salivate over…

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With the Tower of Cedars’ evergreen trees, plants and shrubs trapping dust and absorbing carbon dioxide, there will also be an increase in oxygen production to improve the city’s air quality, and play a role in beautifying the Lausanne landscape.

Don’t you just wish your city had this kind of structure, too?

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H/T: Bored Panda and De Zeen

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