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Apparently, Facebook Has Another Hidden Inbox!





Facebook’s known to constantly upgrade its user interface for better user experience. The transition from the old wall format to the current timeline format is one of its most iconic upgrades. But one other feature, which is part of Facebook messaging, is unknown to most users. Apparently, Facebook has another hidden inbox. Yes, you read that right. A hidden inbox.

So how do you access this inbox? It’s pretty simple actually. When you click the message tab on facebook, your inbox and message requests show up. Messages that are not from your friends tend to be placed in message requests. But notice that when you click it, another option shows up? Yup, it’s the filtered requests. This section includes most of the messages that Facebook itself has chosen not to show you, with the assumption that it’s just spam messages.

Here’s a video showing the step-by-step procedure:

Like Logo on Facebook

Unfortunately, though, Facebook might be filtering out important messages from people who don’t know your email or phone number through this feature. So it doesn’t hurt for you to go and visit this “hidden” inbox every once in a while.

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