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6 Things You Do That Your Boyfriend Finds Hot Without You Even Trying





Women tend to try their best to be perfect so that their boyfriend would not lose interest in them. But did you know that there are certain things that you do that men find hot and attractive without you even trying?

We all know that the word “perfect” is something unattainable. There is no such thing as perfect, and men are very aware of that. Here are six things that you wouldn’t expect your boyfriend finds hot, but he does.

1. When He Sees The Way You Act With Children

If your boyfriend sees your relationship set for long-term, he is most definitely thinking about his future with you, and that includes having kids. So seeing you interact well with children would definitely melt his heart.

2. Getting Sweaty At The Gym

Source: Oddyssey

Your boyfriend finds it hot when you go all out and get sweaty at the gym because it proves to him that you’re a strong woman who knows how to work hard. Men are attracted to women who are serious about their fitness.

3. Snorting During Laughter

Snorting during laughter in front of your boyfriend might be one of your embarrassing moments. However, men feel that there is nothing to be shy about it at all. In fact, they take it as a compliment because that means their sense of humor is so good they made you snort-laugh.

4. Beating Him In A Video Game

Source: Enti

Guys don’t see it as competition when you’re good at something he’s interested in like video games. As a matter of fact, if you beat him, he’ll be impressed!

Not all women are into this kind of hobby, so he will be over the moon that he’s finally found a girl that shares his interest in video games.

5. Awkward Dancing

Source: Pexels

Everybody loves to dance, but not all are good at it. So if you’re one of those unlucky ones with two left feet, don’t worry, he doesn’t mind it at all. He appreciates the fact that you’re trying and that you are showing your weakness with him.

6. Sweatpants and Homie Clothes

Source: Favim

Your boyfriend likes your look when you go out in your tight dress and high heels. But he actually finds it more attractive when you’re in your sweatpants and a plain t-shirt.

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