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5 Things Your Girlfriend Secretly Wants From You But Will Never Ask For!

Ready to learn your girlfriend’s secret? Read on.

“Uh-oh did I do something wrong? Did I forget to put the toilet seat down? Sh*t, is it her birthday or maybe our anniversary?”

Do these lines seem a bit familiar to you guys? I know men may have suffered at least once (or perhaps countless times), trying to decode what the hell their girlfriends or wives want. Or thinking what could they have possibly forgotten or done wrong that is earning them the cold shoulder and evil eyes. We girls actually know that you’re not psychics, but sometimes we just can’t help expecting some things from our significant others especially in long-term relationships.

So as a member of the enigma that is womankind, I am letting you in on a few of our secrets, some of the things we secretly want from you but never or seldom say so. Try doing these things and enjoy a smoother, more loving and passionate relationship with your girl. 😉

#1. Touch me like you do, love me like you do



As the song goes, “You’re the only thing I wanna touch, never knew that it could mean so much!”

Yes touches can mean so much for women given that we are very sensitive to it. But I am not speaking of desire-filled touches, or those carefully calculated touches to prepare or lead us to making love with you. What we want are the simple touches that convey you love us. Touch your girl during those unexpected and unguarded moments and you’ll find her swooning. You can try playfully touching her hair while the two of you are relaxing or netflix-ing, touch her face or lips, hold her hands, embracing her for no particular reason at all. I’m sure she’ll be blushing! Love is conveyed effectively through physical gestures, and it doesn’t always have to be kissing or sex!

#2. It’s the little things that matter

Women have good memories, and you can count on us remembering almost all the important details about you or the relationship milestones. And since we are so used to being the one who always remembers, it will surely make your girl very happy if you are the one who remembers first. Not just important dates to remember but even just the little things she said. Like if you remembered her favorite things and surprise her with those stuff every once in a while. It feels good when you remember about what we said, it makes us feel that you really care about us and the things we share with you. Receiving little compliments too no matter how silly it is, like saying you like way we smile or that you appreciate us means the world to us. Really, love is an accumulation of the little things! 🙂

#3. “I love you”


Yes actions do speak louder than words, but words hold power on their own too. Especially if you are the type who seldom says it to your significant other, chances are hearing those words from you will really send them to 7th heaven. A simple “I love you”, even through a text message, or a whisper by the ear as you kiss us goodnight, means the world to us. We don’t really say it, but sometimes we want to feel assured of your feelings for us. Never let the flames of love die out. And also, practice this mantra: leave no tender words unsaid. If you feel it in your heart to say tender feelings, say it while you can!

#4. Please be proud of us

I’m not saying that you have to ditch your friends for us, or always put us first. Friends are a big part of who we are and friendships are an important relationship too. But the thing is, most boyfriends would act differently in front of their pals when they are with their girl. Are you ashamed of us? Ashamed of them to see you love us? Why the sudden “cool” treatment? And when the friends are not around, you get back to the loving boyfriend we’ve always known. All a girl wants is some consistency; to know that whoever stands before us, your feelings for us remains.

#5. Please never stop understanding or being patient with us

We know we can be bitches especially when our PMS-ing alter egos rear its ugly head when it is that time of the month. We know we can be overthinking, demanding girlfriends sometimes but we just want your attention and we miss you. Please be patient with us when we go through these moodswings. All we want is for you to be there beside us no matter how much of a monster we can become.



To infinity and beyond, love… <3


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