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20 Photos Of Stunning 3D Floors That Will Blow Your Mind

Your tiled, wood or laminate floors won’t compare to these breathtaking 3D floors.

Imagine walking into a bathroom to find a dolphin staring at you. Wouldn’t that blow your mind? That’s the idea of 3D epoxy floors that are gaining popularity overseas. These unique designs let people feel the thrill of being in the outdoors while being actually inside a room.

A Dubai company called Imperial Interiors has put a jaw-dropping twist to floor designs. The concept was first used in offices, shopping centers and hotels, according to the company. Mostly, these designs are used in toilets and bathrooms, but Imperial says it would be wrong to think that 3D floors cannot be used in other areas of the room.

With these 3D designs, one might easily stop for a moment and think about stepping inside the room. Here are 20 photos showing how awesome these designs are.

#1. Beautiful and symmetric tiled, wood or laminate floors won't compare to these 3D designs.

#2. Any of these floors can turn a room into a magical space.

#3. Oceanic designs are the most common in 3D floors…

#4. And they are mostly chosen as a bathroom floor design.

#5. 3D floors start out with a printed design of your choice.

#6. A highly specialized printer will print out the image, which will then be set on the floor.

#7. This means that whatever size or shape the room has, the design will always work.

#8. While ocean designs are popular, they are not the only ones that look good as a 3D floor.

#9. This kitchen has ocean flooring but also tropical-themed cupboards.

#10. 3D floors offer endless design possibilities.

#11. There are aqua-themed designs…

#12. With dolphins staring at you when you walk into a room…

#13. Or letting you enjoy some privacy with a “view of sea animals” underwater.

#14. But there's no reason people can't go for other designs of natural forms.

#15. #15. Just like this swan in a lake…

#16. Imagine waking up and feeling as if you're on the river leading to the waterfall.

#17. Any room can make use of the 3D floor design.

#18. It would make for a great optic illusion.

#19. One can get really creative with a room when 3D floors are used…

#20. Just like this – a design that would send shivers down your spine.


This ‘Dead Whale’ Sculpture in the Philippines Will Remind Us How Bad Pollution Is

Here’s hoping this art installation will make people realize the dangers of plastic.

Thousands of people in the online community were recently shocked upon seeing the viral image of a large dead whale. But this real-life giant happens to be made with plastic and is an art installation project by Dentsu Jayme Syfu meant to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

The artists of the project, located in Naic, Cavite in the Philippines, got the inspiration from 30 beached whales found in European shores last year. One of the beached whales was also found in Samal, Davao last December.

Yeb Saño, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director, in a Facebook post, said:...

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Korean Barista’s Stunning Latte Art Will Make You Think Twice About Taking A Sip

Barista level: Asian!

We here at EliteReders are huge fans of art, regardless of the medium. When it’s done well, we couldn’t help but geek out and probably feature it here in our site - from awesome tattoos that cover scars and satirical Indian comics, to stunning sandcastles and masterfully Photoshopped images, and everything else in between.

With that in mind, I guess it would be easy to imagine our delight when he found out about the work of this amazing Korean barista who’s been serving lattes with top notch designs.

Born in 1991, Kang Bin Lee has been working as a barista for 10 years now.


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After Selling MySpace For $580 Million, Here’s What Tom Anderson is Doing Now

Remember Tom from MySpace? He’s been very busy travelling the world lately!

Ever remember MySpace? It was a huge thing in the early days of social media and everyone had an account back in the days. You probably did if you are of a certain age today.

In 2005, the site was sold to News Corp by co-founder Tom Anderson (known to many as ‘Tom from MySpace’) for the amount of $580 million.

Before the glory days of Facebook, was all the rage in the world of social networking.


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