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30 Pictures That Show Us How The New Normal Looks Like




  • Soccer games resume but fans are not allowed to watch in the stadiums.
  • People dine inside greenhouses or plastic shields while at restaurants.
  • Mannequins are seated among diners to make the tables look less lonely.

The pandemic is still in full force and at this point, nobody knows if it’s going to get better or worse in the months to come. The first six months of the year in which we were at the mercy of COVID-19 is more than enough to change the way we live.

Some countries are already easing up their respective restrictions, but a number of them are also enforcing lockdowns once again. A lot of us have been forced to work from home, a dynamic that has brought immense change into our work and home arrangements.

Most people took to wearing masks and practicing social distancing, but a lot also refused to let the disease dictate how they live.

How did the world change since COVID-19 came into our lives? These pictures tell so much.

#1. Members of the Meltham and Meltham Mills Band hold their practice above the English village of Marsden.
#2. Boston Red Sox player Tzu-Wei Lin wears a mask during an intrasquad game. Major League Baseball is currently holding games without fans in the stands.
#3. After the Avignon Theatre Festival in France was canceled because of the pandemic, the organization has been holding video projections of its plays.
#4. Fans at a drive-in concert of the rock band Monster Truck in Toronto.
#5. Hats were worn by students and their teacher at the Ban Pa Muad School in Chiang Mai, Thailand to help them practice social distancing.
#6. A man wears a mask as he prays by the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.
#7. Muslims keep safe distances from each other during Friday prayers at a mosque in Sheffield, England.
#8. In a salon at Bogota, Colombia, a hairstylist wears a protective face shield while working on a customer.
#9. A soccer ball gets disinfected before the start of a professional match in Guadalajara, Mexico.
#10. A cabinet meeting is held outdoors in Munich, Germany.
#11. Each of the participants do their exercises inside a globe in an outdoor yoga class in Toronto.
#12. Social distancing rules are observed by the audience of Former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech Darby, Pennsylvania, as part of his presidential campaign.
#13. No audience was present in the stands during a professional match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete in Madrid. A soccer fan watches the game from the balcony.
#14. In Soweto, South Africa, congregants of the Inhlanhla Yokuphila Apostolic Church In Zion observe social distancing while attending a service in an open field.
#15. Diners are enclosed in “quarantine greenhouses” at Mediamatic ETEN, a restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
#16. A drive-in concert at the international airport in Debrecen, Hungary.
#17. A temporary drive-in movie theater in Istanbul, Turkey. 
#18. Sunbathers are separated by roped-off areas in a beach in La Grande-Motte, France.
#19. Social distancing setup for The Inn at Little Washington, Washington, Virgina in which dressed-up mannequins would be seated among diners.
#20. Physical distancing is enforced at Domino Park in New York by making people stay within painted circles spaced six-feet apart.
#21. Deacon Robert Lavanco of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church passes by a faithful during a procession. The church sanctuary in New York is closed, so the deacon has been visiting worshippers outside their homes.
#22. A woman hugs her mother in Guelph, Ontario through a “hug glove,” which the woman and her husband created. The “glove” is a plastic tarp with four sleeves attached to a clothesline.
#23. At the World Trade Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka, people stand away from one another in an elevator.
#24. A drive-thru graduation for high school graduates at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 
#25. A gondolier with his first customer since gondola services resume in Venice, Italy.
#26. Diners are enclosed in plastic shields at a restaurant in Paris.
#27. Tents and makeshift shelters placed in designated rectangles at a homeless encampment at San Francisco’s Civic Center.
#28. Congregants are seated apart as they attend a Sunday service at the Berlin Cathedral.
#29. Cardboard cutouts are put in place of real soccer fans at the Borussia-Park stadium in Mönchengladbach, Germany.
#30. A New York subway car being disinfected in the early morning hours.
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