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26 Breathtakingly Magical Places In Real Life To Include In Your Bucket List

Fairytale worlds do exist in real life!


If you’ve always been a fan of fairy tales and the magical world they’re set in, these gorgeous and breathtaking places from all over the world should be included in your bucket list.

#1. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, United States

Source: Ian Sane

The place is a gold mine for tulip lovers. The fields are located in Washington State and are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists between April 1 and 30 to witness these beautiful flowers bloom.

#2. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

These aren’t floating mountains of Pandora from the movie, Avatar. This mystical forest is located in Hunan, China and despite its remote location, the place has become very popular amongst tourists.

#3. Peleș Castle, Romania

Source: Radu Bercan

This Neo-Renaissance castle was built for King Charles I between 1873 and 1914. Visitors can definitely feel the fairytale vibe as soon as they step into the castle.

#4. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Source: Jess Kraft

Las Lajas Sanctuary is a wondrous basilica church that was built between 1916 and 1949. It is a mystical structure that stands on a canyon, which is surrounded by a pool of green in southern Colombia.

#.5 Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

This natural wonder in in Quảng Ninh, Vietnam is also known as the “Descending Dragon Bay.” It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and photos of the place do not do justice to how beautiful Hạ Long Bay really is.

#6. Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

Source: Jan Peeters

The Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs has always been a popular tourist destination. The scene looks like it had been painted by hand.

#7. Sintra, Portugal

The romantic and charming town of Sintra in Portugal captivates visitors with its beautiful 19th-century architecture and castles.

#8. Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Source: ArtTomCat

Phytoplankton is a marine microbe that makes a mirror image of the stars above. The breathtaking view of the shore on Vaadhoo Island has made tourists come back for more.

#9. Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

The specific Glowworm Grotto is found in New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves. Hundreds of NZ-specific glowworms light up the ceilings and walls of the cave, offering a gorgeous starry and illuminated scene.

#10. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Source: Martin M303

This beautiful railway in Scotland was built in 1898 and had been featured in three Harry Potter movies.

#11. Palace of Versailles, France

Source: euclem

This gorgeous royal château in France is famous for its gardens and hall of mirrors. The beautiful gardens are said to have taken 40 years to complete. The palace itself has 2,300 rooms, 5,210 pieces of furniture and 67 staircases.

#12. Dark Hedges Ireland

Source: Jacek_Kadaj

The intertwined beech trees, which were planted during the 18th-century, create a beautiful tunnel-like avenue that made the people behind the popular TV show “Game Of Thrones” decide to make an appearance on the location.

#13. Taj Mahal India

This popular tourist attraction in India is said to be the inspiration for the Sultan’s Palace in Disney’s Aladdin.


13 Mysterious Monuments That Are Totally Out Of This World

It’s always baffling to think how these ancient structures have been built in the first place.

We gotta admit that our ancestors have built some really amazing structures that just by looking at them now, you would be scratching your head in wonder as to how they were able to make something impossible look possible. These buildings have been around for thousands of years and yet they still exist up to now for us to appreciate and learn from.

Experts have come up with tons of theories ranging from sane to the crazy just to be able to come up with an answer for the questions that go with each structure. Looking at the photos below, you’d be agreeing with us that they are peculiarly astonishing.

#1. Stonehenge, England

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5 Intriguing Places in the World No One is Ever Allowed to Visit

There’s a reason for the Do Not Enter sign after all. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Even the most well-traveled person on Earth will never be allowed to visit the following places we’re about to reveal to you. Apart from the fact that they are pretty much inaccessible and hard to reach by common transport modes, they each have their own top-secrets to protect from prying eyes of tourists.

Besides, if you know what’s good for you, it would be best for you not to try at all. Just leave these places alone and allow them to be as intriguing as they have always been. At least there’s something to pique your curiosity from time to time!

1. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

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Five Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants To Experience In The World

The best food can sometimes be found in the most surprising places, some as high as 3000 feet and others in unused movie sets. Wherever you may be, the experience of eating good food always comes with the location of the restaurant.

When you think about restaurants, you always keep in mind about how the food will be. Is it going to be good? Is it going to be worth your money? Will the ambiance be courteous? Or in a total sense, you want your trip to a restaurant to be all together always at its best. But not a lot of people talk about the environment, or what they see outside their windows while they are munching down on their food. Truth is, the food is as appetizing as the environment that it is in.

If you want to experience something totally brand new when it comes not only to your palates but also to your eyes then let us show you five restaurants that are situated in some of the most unlikely places. And yes, don't worry they also have really good food.

#1. El Diablo - a restaurant on a dormant volcano, surrounded by the fire mountains.

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