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21 Everyday Heroes That Make Our World A Better Place





We’ve read and heard about heroes in school, so we have always been aware of these selfless people and animals since we were small. Little did we know that these heroes don’t only live in our books or documentaries, they can also be everyday people like you and me.

There are no small or big gestures to be considered a hero. The most important part is that you did the act whole-heartedly. Here are 21 everyday heroes that make our world a better place to live in.

1. A firefighter takes a rest after a long shift.

2. Loyal companion.

3. The little girl invited Corporal P. Ray to a tea party after saving her life.

4. “Every year, this kind old man in my home town offers clothing, shoes, and anything useful to people in need.”

5. This officer instantly became a a family to her.

6. This hero saved 30 people from a shooting incident in Vegas.

7. This dog saved his owner from abuse.

8. The statue of a young man who lost his life saving another.

9. Proof that heroes come in all sizes!

10. This flight attendant saved a child from her abductor.

11. These guys saved stranded dogs during the flood.

12. “This man took a bullet while protecting my sister from the gunfire in Vegas.”

13. Cameron Lyle donated his bone marrow to save a person’s life.

14. This cardiologist managed to save a child’s life on the beach despite not having all the needed eqpuiments with him.

15. This young girl made shelters for the homeless.

16. This brave 14-year-old student Katya Ovcharova saved six children in a fire.

17. At the age of 100, Jacinto Convit is still not giving up in looking for a cure for cancer.

18. Sharing is caring.

The mom shared:

“My son said there’s some kids in his class that don’t eat their lunch. ‘How come?’ I said. ‘Cuz they don’t have one, mommy. Can I bring them some of mine?’ Totally his idea, and he helped pack it, too!”

19. Homeless man found a bag and guarded it. He then contacted police so they can return it to the rightful owner.

20. This hero dog saved people in Afghanistan, despite being wounded.

21. Mark Buston gives free haircute for homeless people.

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