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20 Job Problems in the Customer Service Industry That are Annoying But Funny





Working in the customer service industry is generally rewarding. Employees get the chance to make or break their customer’s current mood, and sometimes, even their whole day. Just imagine having that kind of power!

However, customer service isn’t always a bed of roses. There are definitely days when you just want to pull all your hair out of frustration because you’ve just had enough of that overbearing customer. There are also days when you want to strangle your boss or colleagues because of, well, irreconcilable differences.

But let’s admit it. Whatever your job is, whether customer service or general clerical work, and whether it greatly satisfies or annoys the hell out of you, there are moments that when looked back to will definitely make you laugh. We’ve compiled a few examples; you might want to check them out:

1. The mustard did it!

2. She obviously regrets her actions.

3. Bleh!

4. Closed and Open don’t make a difference.

5. How to keep that smile on your face all the time

Source: _Abbey1
6. Touring the new employee around be like

7. The magical back room

8. At least it’s a different place

9. Every darn time

10. Really. Just why?

11. Nasty customers in squeaky voices

12. What’s the big deal, Boss?

13. The struggle is real.

14. Take me to some safe haven!

Source: glenna_opt
15. Always forget to bring it

16. Time to buy some motivational posters

17. Probably the next year, too

18. It’s always in the middle.

19. Run like hell!

20. Because bagging is everything

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