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All I Need to Know About Love, I Learned From This 12-Ingredient Recipe.





Finding love is easy. Keeping it is the tricky part. Out of 7.3 billion people, who would ever believe of the 50-50 rare chance of meeting THE one for you? Who knows, she may be sitting right next to you at this very moment? Or maybe, it’s the guy with the glasses who always ride the same bus every morning? Perhaps the pretty lass who never fails to smile right back to you every time your eyes meet? No matter who, what, when, where, why and how, cupid is always up on his toes. All we need to do is to grab it. However, although many seem to think that finding love is as easy as one, two, three, many disregard the next big question—what happens next after finding THE ONE?

Many call it the compatibility test, some call it destiny. Nevertheless, you label the kind of relationship you have with your significant other, committing to a relationship and actually picking out the bigger slice of the cake of love puts love in a totally different tune. Thanks to the love gurus, here is a quick recipe that will surely be of everyone’s delight.

¾ cup of honesty


Love without trust is simply not a relationship at all. Remember the building that collapses after merely a month? Well, aside from the obvious usage of low-quality materials, the foundation may have been miscalculated. Although many easily tire out on the cliché, “honesty is the best policy,” being truthful is actually a VIP card to success.
Trusting is having faith that your partner won’t hurt you; it’s a privilege you give them as soon as you give a chunk of yourself. However, it is with deep caution that we should also weigh to whom our trust should go to. Remember, a spark can start fire and fire burns just about anything and everything.

A sprinkle of romance


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Remember Brian May’s hit song too much love can kill you? Well, nothing is really too much unless you control them, right? This is the part where you get to juice up the word two-get-there. Bread cannot live with butter alone. Spicing up your relationship by adding a tulip on breakfast or simply opening the door for your mate can surely brighten up the gloomy skies. A little variation won’t harm your relationship as long as you know how to keep things creatively and harmoniously beautiful.

Two tablespoons of forgiveness

Forgiving someone is not easy, I guarantee that. But if my all means, you are 99.9% sure that he or she is THE one, then you might as well forget the past for you to elevate the level of your relationship. As simple as it sounds, let go and let God. Forgiving takes time and it is a decision that you would have to choose over and over again if you truly are dedicated to keeping your precious.

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A lot of couples unintentionally commit this sin every time a dilemma is not yet completely resolved. If a heart is not open, then how could you fill it again? Just like an eagle, braving a storm does not just imply flying into it. Instead, you have to soar higher than the storm for you to be able to go through it.

One cup of true love

If you have noticed, almost all Disney movies end in the same way—finding one true love. As equally important as trust, true love is always the key ingredient to a sumptuous love cuisine. Sure you can like someone, you may adore them, heck, even sleep with them, but true love is by far something much out of that league.


True love is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and I tell you, not all expeditions are lucky enough to locate this treasure. Sad, not everybody believes that it exists. Although true love comes with different definitions, only the one who has finally found it can truly define it. It may not be obviously appealing at first, but I guarantee you that it is definitely worth finding and keeping.

A healthy heap of attention


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Attention, as Google defines it, is the action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something. Again, this is a win-win situation, just like damn if you do and damn if you don’t. However, it is not really the relationship that is difficult. It is the people that make the relationship a rollercoaster ride.
Attention is just similar with time. An ample amount given or lost will either secure your partner’s loyalty or secure a trip ticket to limbo.

A dash of playfulness

Wonder why kids are the best creative bunch of geniuses? Simple, they never get bored. Have you ever tried babysitting a bunch of three-year-olds and just listen to their stories as they play? I tell you, they are by far the best entertainers anyone could ever have.

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Although your relationship may jumpstart with a thrilling getting to know you, we should always be guarded that change is the only constant thing in the universe. To love someone comes with great responsibility. You see, Spiderman’s grandfather did not die because he was shot by a villain. He died because Spidey did not do anything to prevent things to happen.

Again, love is a piece of work and you won’t get your own piece of cake if you do not exert the sufficient amount of effort needed from you. What used to be exciting may easily turn blunt. Food may lose its taste. Sweets can germinate and turn sour. All these possibilities are feasible BUT preventable ONLY IF necessary actions are taken ahead of time, even if it takes bringing out the youth in you.

A dusting of drama


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Although some, particularly men, rant about women nagging them over petty things, a little drama is actually good for a healthy relationship. You see, intense emotions are not always meant to be sealed and jarred. They too have their own purposes.
This is just like shopping for a good hammer. You can only test its durability if you actually use it. Same thing goes with relationships. You can never tell the mileage of your relationship unless you two have braved a storm together.

A little jealousy and a number of light misunderstandings exude emotional excitement. Sure these light arguments can either bring out the best or the worst in you, but how you handle them will actually strengthen the foundation of your relationship and make you both adaptable to changes.

A zest of loyalty


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Many of us get confused between loving and committing. It is for this very reason that it is highly important that we draw the boundaries between the two. Being faithful to your one and only brings a different context on “I cannot live without you.” Although there is a guarantee that one or both of you might try to go out of your relationship, loyalty means fully submitting yourself to your partner and setting aside the practice of polygamy.

Sure, relationships have their own ups and downs, but only loyal persons are the brave souls who could actually commit.

Three teaspoons of laughter


Photo credit: The News Chronicle

Happy life means happy wife. Once and for all, let’s finish the friction between genders. Everybody is entitled to the right to happiness. A relationship cannot become smooth sailing unless two people are genuinely happy surfing the waves.
Happiness pushes us to do more and give more to our partners. And if we are willing to give more, our partners will reciprocate every generous amount of effort and TLC we ought to give them. If you have this, then surely, people ought to stay longer because they know, more are in store for them.

A hint of obsession

Many think obsession is the same thing as possession. Well, possessing something is really different from obsessing about it. Possessing something means owning it as if you are the rightful owner. Obsessing about something is simply hoping of owning it to be yours and yours alone.

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A sense of belongingness to someone is actually sexy. It builds up self-esteem that your partner needs you just as much as they are crazy about you. As long as you keep the balance between the two, then you will surely get your sweetheart’s vote and no one else can steal your honey away from you.

Two pounds of wisdom


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Wisdom, as complex as it may appear, is a perfect combination of knowing and understanding good from evil. If you use wisdom in paddling the boat of love then you will have a better view of your partner’s perspective. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes give them the sense of security that there is nothing in the world that matters more than them. It will give them the satisfaction that you are truly capable of giving and receiving love as you know their limits and expectations.

Medium-to-high heat for a lifetime

Regardless of how long or how soon, love will always find its way to get to us. Every day, almost everyone is looking for love. Every night, almost everybody hopes for the very same thing—to be someone to somebody.

Truth be told, love is always on the go. Someday, someone will be coming to your doors carrying the name Love. Welcome it – not everybody gets a rare visit in their lifetime. Someday, Love will find you, keep it. Not everybody has the time and privilege to hold it while they still can. Someday, Love will leave you and will make you regret why you welcomed it in the first place. If by any chance that you have put up all your efforts but still ended empty-handed, don’t hold any grudges. Instead, let go of Love willingly…share it. Someone out there needs it, too, and who knows, you might just find your true happily ever after.

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