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10 of the Most Bizarre Ice Creations in the World

There’s weird and then there’s weirder with these really bizarre ice creations that are found around the world.


Apart from the crazy weather changes and the US elections, there’s other stuff in the world that are well, weird. Case in point: these ten bizarre ice creations that surprisingly is useful and ingenious. While we have no proof that they do actually exist, we can only marvel at the designs and wonder why they were even invented.

Should you ever find yourself in the presence of one of these artworks, do snap a selfie of you with the said creation and send it our way.

10. Soda bottles

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Coca-Cola bottles to be specific. One of the biggest brands came up with a clever way to serve ice-cold Coke to its customers. This amazing idea is available only in Colombia though. Silicon molds are used to form the filtered water into Coke bottles. When the bottle melts, the soda drinker is left with an elastic grip that can be worn as a bracelet.

9. Saunas

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Okay, we all know that saunas mean being in a really stifling hot, steamy room, and other sweaty people. The ice saunas in Finland are constructed using large blocks of ice. They are available during the winter months and can provide a good sweat, too. The heat isn’t as intense as the ones we’re used to though.

8. Musical Instruments

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Sculptor and musician Tim Linhart has organized a band that uses ice instruments. Now, before you judge the products to be inferior to their “real” counterparts, you’d be surprised to hear that they actually provide a nice melody.

7. Bars

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It’s literally chilling out with your friends. Ice bars are slowly gaining traction in several countries. From the bar to the furnishings and the ice cold drinks of course, you’ll have fun clubbing with your squad.

6. Aircraft carriers

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World War II was the melting pot of several wartime innovations that can be stuff for urban legends. One of the most bizarre inventions ever made back then was an aircraft carrier made of ice and sawdust. Named after British inventor Geoffrey Pyke, the Pykrete could have been one of the greatest war babies if ice just didn’t melt.

5. Hotels

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The original ice hotel was found in Sweden. Made of snow and ice, artists arrive every winter to sculpt the hotel that has to keep a consistent -6 degrees Celsius. Cold weather gear is necessary if you don’t want to die of hypothermia.

4. Music records

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Vinyl is making a comeback again these days, with bands producing them once again. Swedish band Shout Out Loud managed to convince their label and several journalists and fans to give their ice record a try. They sent out kits to a select group, which contains a silicon mold, a bottle of distilled water and after at least six hours in the freezer, the record was ready to play. The theme of the record was fading love, just like the record that melted after a few hours.

3. Castles

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Pulled straight out of a fairy tale, ice castles are designed every winter to the delight of the young and young at heart. Sadly, these pretty architectural wonders don’t last long just like the others.

2. Bullets

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Assassins would surely have a heyday when ice bullets become a regular thing. Often part of action flicks, there are a lot of people who believe it can be done. TV show Mythbusters were able to determine that the slugs would be brittle and crumble even before they reach their targets.

1. Fukushima Ice Wall

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Considered the most ambitious of all ice creations, the Fukushima Ice Wall is more than just an accessory or a pretty thing to look at. It was put up in order to ensure that the leaking radiation from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi power plant did not leak and contaminate the groundwater and the ocean. The ice wall was just activated last month and is still unclear if it will actually serve its purpose.


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