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15 Haircuts So Bad It’ll Make You Wonder What They Told Their Barbers

What were they thinking?






It seems like nightmare haircuts were a huge thing in the past, and we are sure memories of it still haunt the few who were brave enough to sport such locks. Oddly enough, such strange “has-been” hairstyles have recently surfaced on the internet and on social media sites, giving us something to laugh about. We know we have shown you plenty of these funny haircut jokes, fondly referred to as “Say No More” barber memes, but we found a few more which are just plain hilarious we couldn’t help but share them, too.

So, just maybe, if you’re that daring and you’re looking for an uncanny haircut to go with your looks, you might want to check out the photos below:

1. Bangs' not dead, man.

2. Stairs or carrots, you choose.

3. We just got thumb-struck!

4. The pigtail dreadlocks looks more awful, though…

5. Bouncy-bouncy!

6. They nailed it!

7. That ground beef look makes us wary of spaghetti bolognese, though.

8. Then say no more.

9. Choose: Twigs or a tree block?

10. Hitting three birds with one stone, err, haircut.

11. So yeah, they both look like curtains.

12. 'Nuff said.

13. That ramen look is too realistic.

14. H'es just missing the crown.

15. Oh, God, no.

We’re really not sure what got to these people for them to willingly subject themselves to this kind of hairstyle disaster, but hey, they must’ve thought it was cool.

We beg to disagree, though.

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But these guys below? The styles of their hair are the stuff of memes that you just can't resist laughing at. If you want to start your day with a big dose of funny memes to crack you up, check out the photos below!


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Just like the guys in the photos below – they may be aiming to stand out by pulling off crazy hairstyles and that’s what they just did. We all have bad hair days at one point but not as bad as these guys. What’s certain though is that it would be hard to forget this kind of people.

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