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Old Lady Celebrates 103rd Birthday Dressed Up Like Wonder Woman and Volunteering at Senior Center

The real-life superhero doesn’t need a cape to be called “Wonder Woman”.


Clad in Wonder Woman costume, a Californian centenarian decided to celebrate her birthday the way any superhero would mark their special day.

On the day she turned 103, Mary Cotter opted to serve coffee, tea, and water to seniors at the Montclair Senior Center. Her friends presented her a Wonder Woman outfit, a fitting gift for a real-life superhero who spent the past 25 years volunteering at the senior care facility.

Indeed, everyone thinks Cotter doesn’t need a cape to be called “Wonder Woman”.

Dubbed as a real-life superhero, Mary Cotter spent the past 25 years volunteering at a senior care facility.


Photo credit: YouTube

Still unstoppable at her age, the old woman lives on her own and drives to the center five days a week to spend time with the elderlies at the center, most of whom are younger than her.

On the day she turned 103, she decided to celebrate her birthday by serving coffee, tea, and water to seniors at the Montclair Senior Center.


Photo credit: YouTube

When asked about her secret to longevity, Cotter revealed that her daily routine has contributed a lot to her long existence.

"Just keep busy, I guess,” she told ABC News.


Photo credit: YouTube

Ester Vargas Pipersky, a spokesperson for Montclair Senior Center, compared Cotter to an “Energizer bunny that keeps going on”.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Pipersky said: “She refuses a sit-down job and just wants to keep going. She’s very friendly to everyone… Everyone gets a kick out of her.” 

Cotter is definitely a source of inspiration to others as she had helped her high school teammates win the state championship in 1930, taught kids swim lessons in her 60’s and served as a sea turtle rescue volunteer in her 90’s.

Watch a news report about the Wonder Woman centenarian.

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Source: Bored Panda, ABC 7, NY Daily News, Huffington Post


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