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Doctors Warn Women Against Putting Wasp Nests Inside Their Privates in New Bizarre Trend

You wouldn’t want to stick anything unfamiliar in there.


Doctors are warning women about the new fad that involves a natural treatment claimed to rejuvenate female parts. Apparently, some women would actually buy ground-up wasp nests online to tighten their v*ginas.

Popular online retailer Etsy is allowing the sale of oak galls for personal use. Oak galls are deformities in trees caused by wasps laying eggs on tree buds. As a result, a hardened ball that serves as host to the wasp eggs forms. There’s also a tiny hole that allows the baby wasps to get out.

Oak galls are being sold as a natural treatment to tighten female privates.

Source: Pixabay

Imagine all those being ground up and used as a natural rejuvenation for women — that’s what one can see in an Etsy listing from Heritage Health Shop. The listing has since been removed but not before some media outlets picked up on its bizarre claims, including a topical application of the ground-up wasp nest to tighten the v*gina, improve sex life, heal episiotomy scars and reduce pain after childbirth.

The listing appearing on Etsy has raised concern for Dr. Jen Gunter, a renowned gynecologist, who used her blog to warn against the use of oak galls.

The listing has been removed but media outlets picked up on its bizarre claims.

These hardened balls are formed when wasps lay eggs on tree buds.

“This product follows the same dangerous pathway of other “traditional” practices, meaning tightening and drying the female private parts which is both medically and sexually (for women anyway) undesirable,” Gunter wrote.

Gunter went on to explain that keeping the female organ dry can result in painful inter course. Plus, it disrupts the natural balance of bacteria inside. All these could increase the risk of transmitting HIV. In other words, women’s private parts shouldn’t be dry and tight — they should be wet. More importantly, unfamiliar things and untested chemicals should not be inserted.

For gynecological problems, it’s best to consult a doctor rather than turn to an online retailer for a solution.


30 Funny Parents Who Trolled Their Kids on Facebook

#11 is too savage!

If you’re planning on doing some bragging online, here’s a warning for you – make sure that you aren’t Facebook friends with your parents. Or at least, do some magic on the settings so that they don’t see your posts.

Why, you ask? Well, the answer is obvious. Just take a look at the following screenshots below and you will easily realize the dire consequences of being careless. These merciless parents trolled, burned, and embarrassed their kids in front of everyone by dishing out some nasty quips. They definitely got us laughing really hard!

Go scroll down and take a look.

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Saudi Censored Ad Turns Woman into an Inflatable Ball

What’s going on here?

Some Twitter users have been busy talking about a controversial censored ad shared by Saudi Arabian hardware giant SACO. The retail company posted to their official Twitter account, @Saco_KSA, an advertisement for swimming pools. The swimming pool shown in the particular promotion is manufactured by Intex Corp, a California-based company.

The altered image used for the ad has raised some eyebrows, not because of the actual product but because of the models. The photo shows a family - a father with three children - fully clothed while in an outdoor pool. But that's not where the strangeness of this ad ends.

An ad posted by Saudi Arabaian hardware giant SACO has been garnering a lot of reactions from online users.

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Brutal Car Crash Footage Will Remind You to Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Stay safe on the road, folks!

A video posted to YouTube a couple of years ago is again making the rounds on the internet. Online users are sharing a rather graphic dash cam footage that shows how wearing a seat belt can save your life. If you have a habit of driving or riding vehicles without strapping in, it's about time you do something about it. Seat belts, like helmets and airbags, can save your life in case of a vehicular accident.

The 56-second YouTube video shows dash cam footage taken during a smooth drive on a two-lane road. Halfway through the clip, the red and black-colored car in front of the vehicle where the camera was installed crashes into an incoming black vehicle.

A short dash cam footage recorded a couple of years ago will remind you to always wear your seat belt.

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