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Woman Strolls Through NYC in Street Clothes vs. in Hijab – Bystanders’ Reactions are so Different!

The bystander’s responses to the woman in the situations were severely contrasting!


Even in this modern age, women all over the world still suffer from gender inequality and sexual harassment. In some countries, women are restricted from exercising the most basic of rights, such as education. In some cases, women are still considered as the inferior sex and are forced to face harassment and blatant disrespect from men.

This video, shot in New York, shows a social experiment wherein a woman walks down the busy streets wearing two sets of clothes – five hours in ordinary street clothes first, then another five hours in a “hijab” – the typical outfit for Muslim women.

Watch the video for the striking difference between the two situations:

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The bystander’s responses to the woman in the situations were severely contrasting  – one had her endure countless jeers and catcalls while in the other she was visibly ignored.

What do you think? You be the judge. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Youtube/AreWeFamousNow


Drunk Guy Freaks Out After His Friend Pranked Him With Drunken Facial Tattoo

Drunk persons and mischievous friends are never a good mix.


It's a typical Friday night and you decide to spend it with your friends, a bottle of good ol' whiskey, and several shots of mixed alcoholic drinks. Naturally, you get home drunk as a skunk and as soon as your face hits a soft surface you black out.

The next morning, you wake up with a killer hangover and a hideous tattoo on your face. You wonder, while looking at the mirror, how that tiger became imprinted on your face while your roommate snickers behind your back.

This is what happened when a man got pranked by his own friend. When he woke up from his drunken stupor, he was shocked to see a tattoo on his face that wasn't there the night before.

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Fighter Disguised as a Weak Nerdy Girl Shows Male Muay Thai Trainers Who’s The Real Boss

Germaine Yeap, a pro Muay Thai fighter, went incognito into a gym and asked for a sparring with the gym trainers.

Remember who brought us the viral video of a professional racer girl who pranked her driving instructors with her insane driving skills? Well, it’s back with a new undercover prank.

Germaine Yeap is no stranger to the gym. In fact, she has been training for more than 6 years. She is known in Malaysia as a professional Muay Thai fighter and she often represents the country in international competitions.

When she walked into this particular gym, however, no one recognized her.

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Ghost Prank Goes Horribly Wrong As Prankster Gets Run Over By Speeding Car

This prank backfired as the prankster gets run over by a vehicle.

Pranks are undeniably popular nowadays. Just go to YouTube and you’ll probably see thousands (if not millions!) of prank videos uploaded on the site. To be fair, there are many that will really make you laugh. On the other hand though, I’ve also seen a lot of those heartless pranks that make me hope it would backfire on the not-so-funny jokesters.

That’s exactly how I felt while watching the video below.

This is about two guys who each wore a sheet, pretending they’re ghosts while scaring drivers on the road. One of the ‘ghosts’ would jump out of the shadows to block a vehicle’s way and then the terrified driver would react to it by reversing gears, hoping to escape the scene. The other ghost would then appear from behind the car, further inducing more horror to the poor victim.

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