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10 Amazing Structures That Were Especially Built to Protect The Wildlife

Bridges, tunnels and overpasses. . . These wonderful wildlife crossing structures should minimize road kills.


Numerous wild animals had already become victims of road accidents as a result of man-made constructions getting in the way of nature. In some countries, though, they go as far as building bridges and passes to help these animals cross to the other side of the road without getting squashed.

These structures are collectively called wildlife crossing and they include tunnels, overpasses, bridges and ecoducts. Here are some amazing wildlife crossings that can be found all over the world.

#1. Ecoduct Borkeld, The Netherlands

ecoduct borkeld

This wildlife bridge was built across highway A1 in the forested hills, The Veluwe. The bridge was designed by Zwarts & Jansma Architects.

#2. Nutty Narrows Bridge, Washington


The bridge, conceived by Amos Peters, is a popular landmark in Longview, Washington for more than 40 years and in 1983, it went through major restoration.

#3. The Crab Bridge, Christmas Island


This aluminum bridge can be found in the Australian territory, Christmas Island. The bridge was set up in to protect the Christmas Island red crabs (Gecarcoidea natalis) during the great migration.

#4. Banff National Park, Canada

banff national park

Source: Parks Canada

This national park in Alberta has the most animal crossing structures in one area all over the planet, according to Parks Canada.

banff national park 3

Source: Adam Ford
#5. Bee Highway, Norway

bee highway oslo

This is the first ever animal crossing structure made for bees. The Oslo-based “bee highway” was built to protect endangered bees and other insects necessary for food production.

#6. Turtle Tunnels, Japan

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The West Japan Railway Company conceived the idea of making tunnels to save turtles from getting stuck in the train tracks.


#7. Birkenau, Germany

birkenau germany wildlife bridge

Source: h4m (Reddit)

This animal crossing was built over the B38 Motorway in Birkenau.

Even amphibians have their own tunnels…

#8. Toad tunnels, Powys, Mid Wales

toad tunnel

Source: BBC
#9. Salamander tunnels, Massachusetts

salamander tunnel

Source: Noah Charney

salamander xing

#10. Elephant Underpass, Kenya


Of course, no one wants to encounter a big, wild elephant on the road.

The elephant corridor project was started by the Mount Kenya Trust with help from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Borana Conservancy, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Forest Service.


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