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Why You Should NEVER Post Pics of Cash On Social Media





We all have that one friend who’s just so fond of posting pictures of a bunch of cash on social media. We may not fully understand their reasons but while they think it’s entirely harmless, doing so is actually very risky.

Obviously, posting piles of money for everyone to see paints you as a target. We’ve heard numerous reports of people getting victimized by crooks after uploading images of large amounts of cash online.

For example, a TechCrunch article published years ago tells us about a 17-year-old Australian girl who had unexpected visitors – two armed robbers – because of it.

The site tells us that the teen was “helping her grandma” clean the house and “likely somewhere in between vacuuming and feather dusting, the two started counting money.”

The report further shares:

“As we all know, the elderly tend to keep a good sum of cash on hand. Apparently the 17-year-old snapped a picture of the pile which was likely fanned-out in the traditional gangster style. This girl then uploaded the picture to Facebook.

“The picture of the undisclosed amount apparently attracted the attention of two robbers looking to make some quick cash. The two showed up at the girl’s house, however, the mother informed these men that the daughter no longer lived there. The two men searched the house anyway, leaving with what the BBC describes as ‘a small amount of cash and a small number of personal objects.’”

Fortunately, no one was injured because of the incident.

So yes, folks, you get the picture: it’s definitely a terrible idea to brag your cash online.

Meanwhile, a Reader’s Digest article entitled “7 Photos You Should Never, Ever Post on Social Media” specified that “posting photos of paychecks, credit cards and wads of cash is just asking for trouble.”

“Aside from being in poor taste, doing so increases the chances of you getting mugged. Also steer clear of photos (or captions) that give away financial information, such as the name of your bank,” the writer also added.

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