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Your Discarded Hair Can Make a Sick Girl Happy Today





We can only imagine the amount of hair that falls down on the salon floor from all those haircuts. Some are just swept away be thrown to the trash, while the longer ones get recycled and sold for wig-making. But do you know how all those discarded hair can actually improve the lives of little girls?

A young woman named Hannah found out when she decided to trim 12 inches off her long hair and donated that chunk to Wigs for Kids, a foundation that transforms chopped hair into beautiful wigs for kids. These children have lost their hair due to diseases or chemotherapy.

Watch this video and check out how Hannah made a little girl named Bridget, who lost her hair due to alopecia, very happy with her new hair.

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It’s amazing to watch how discarded hair is carefully inspected, sorted out, washed, combed, and painstakingly sewn into gorgeous wigs that can transform the self-esteem of little girls. Now keep this in mind everytime you get a haircut.

Share this heartwarming video and inspire other people to make the sick kids happy.

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