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Alzheimer’s Sufferers Reveal What They Wish They’d NEVER Forget in Heartbreaking Video





Alzheimer’s disease awareness doesn’t get enough attention, so Cut Video decided to produce a something that would definitely tear at the heartstrings of people everywhere. With over 5 million people in the US afflicted with the disorder, it’s quite heartbreaking to think that those people have families that have to cope with their loved ones’ cognitive issues and gradual loss of memory.

Their team interviewed people aged 49 to 75 and asked them to tell the memories that they don’t ever want to forget, with a few of them obviously struggling to recall some of the things that they treasure the most.

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Lon Cole, 68 years old responded with one of his earliest childhood memories,

“I was two or three at least. I just wanted to take off. I just wanted to see the world. I made it about a half a block. That was my world at that time. I don’t remember very much more.”

When asked about their most recent memory, 75-year-old Bob Wellington responded, “Where did I go this morning? What did I do this morning before we met? I don’t remember,” making it clear that the reality of having Alzheimer’s is truly heartbreaking.

The video aims to show the reality of Alzheimer’s and the impact the debilitating disease can have on sufferers and their loved ones.

Cut Video’s project is a reality check for people who don’t realize that Alzheimer’s is not a simple affliction of the mind. It’s something that makes people and their families suffer because of not only how memories seem to fade as the years go by, but also because those who have to live with the disease forget faces, names, and even the things that they normally do.

From the video, one of the most bittersweet answers came from Myriam Marquez, when she responded to the question about what memories they hope they’ll never forget,

“I don’t want to forget my children.”

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