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This Solar-Powered Tricycle Is All Sorts of Awesome





You hit two birds with one stone when you ride a bike to work. Aside from helping you save on gas, you get to enjoy regular exercise for free. No wonder, more and more employees can be seen riding bikes on a daily basis. It’s really an economical and practical way to stay in shape.

These benefits, however, are not as accessible during the rainy season. No one likes to get wet, after all.

Fortunately, VeloMetro came up with a brilliant solution for that dilemma by creating Veemo, the “next wave of sustainable personal transportation”.

VeloMetro’s Veemo is considered the “next wave of sustainable personal transportation.”

solar-powered tricycles 1

Source: VeloMetro

According to the description of the Vancouver, Canada-based company, Veemo is a human-powered, fully networked and completely sustainable alternative to traditional bicycles. Moreover, riders will be protected from both rainy and sunny weather because it is fully enclosed.

As of this writing, Veemo is still in prototype stage but its creators say they will be publicly available to Vancouver around September of this year.

This eco-friendly enclosed tricycle is perfect for both rainy and sunny days.

solar-powered tricycles 2

Source: VeloMetro

This is particularly relevant to people in the area because Vancouver has always been known for frequent downpours. With the Veemo, people no longer have to stop cycling once the rainy season kicks in.

A great bonus to this unique creation is that it is an electric assisted, solar-powered tricycle so it’s really friendly to the environment. Also, carpooling options are possible. All you have to do is to use a smartphone app if you want to reserve a Veemo ride. Reportedly, the cost is cheaper by 30% compared to riding a car.

Watch this video feature here:

Veemo has a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour and it has room for a single passenger. The product will be officially launched in 2017.

Go visit the VeloMetro website for further updates.

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