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Two Girls Wear Same Outfits To Advocate Body Positivity

Their message? Dress however you please and love your body!

Mark Andrew




  • Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos, two ladies from New York City, started an online movement called #StyleNotSize.
  • The girls gained popularity on TikTok through a series of short videos where they wore the same outfits.
  • They are hoping to encourage more women to embrace their body type and “dress however they please.”

Best friends Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos instantly gained online popularity, thanks to their TikTok video series called “Style Not Size” where they were seen wearing matching clothes while advocating body positivity.

People totally loved the idea and the girls from New York quickly earned massive following because of it. They also made headlines after catching the attention of several news sources.

Meet size 14 model Denise Mercedes and her buddy Maria Castellanos, who is a size 2.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Denise, who now has over 1 million Instagram followers, shared that she and Maria started taking photos of themselves “wearing the same bikini” back in 2019. They received a lot of positive reactions to their pictures.

Eventually, they decided to make a TikTok video and that’s when things started to really explode. “We decided to do a fun video and that’s when it went viral,” reflected Denise.

With the help of their online followers, they picked the hashtag #StyleNotSize where their main message is “to dress however you please and to love your body.”










“The fact that we can inspire so many women to feel confident and be themselves makes us want to continue this movement,” Denise also said.











The girls are just thankful that the #StyleNotSize movement has taken a life of its own and more women are now feeling more confident in their own skin.

“Stop comparing yourself to others,” reminded Denise.












If you’re interested to see more updates, you can go check out Denise Mercedes’ official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.


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Mark Andrew



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Mark Andrew



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Mark Andrew



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