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30 Tweets that will Prove you Parenting is Fun, Weird and Hard at the Same Time

I know you can relate!

Kids might be the hardest to predict. There are times they will suddenly have their meltdowns, too happy, throwing tantrums, playful, weird, but always lovable.

Instead to be annoyed, some parent try to see some humor in every odd attitude their child shows. In fact, they even made a tweet of it for the world to see.

Check out these 30 tweets that will show you how weird, fun and hard parenting can be.

1. When your kid predicts when you will die.


Source: Brian Sack
2. A kid and tomato ketchup love affair.


Source: Anicca
3. It is like Mel Gibson shouting for freedom in “Braveheart.”


4. She’s a woman, indeed. No doubt about it.


5. To absorb his tears, if ever.


6. ‘Cause you know, we have different taste.


Source: Pat Tobin
7. ‘Cause wearing a princess dress is so overrated.


8. He will eye you until your conscience hunts you.


Source: Kanye
9. It looks exactly like him! Love yourself.


10. This must be a bad version of Elsa.


11. Fortunately, she’s asleep or you will feel her wrath.


Source: Mia Simper
12. They are planning for something, maybe.


13. At least, he didn’t throw the skins.


14. Maybe Casper was there?


15. That moment when your high hopes were gone, instantly.


Source: Marlebean
16. They had a major makeover.


17. That is one serious threat from a 7-year-old.


Source: Melissa
18. Smell the aroma of hell.


Source: DaddyJew
19. When you see a little of you on your kid. Proud father, you must.


20. That can last for a lifetime.


Source: Ginger
21. At least, he is old enough to do so.


Source: Kristin
22. This kid will go places.


23. That’s basically what every single person says.


24. From her looks, she really loves it, too.


Source: Lil Ugly
25. Maybe she includes the Dark Tower or Eye of Sauron from “Lord of the Rings.”


Source: Chris Cleave
26. It can even ignite a World War III.


27. Let the kid play with his imagination.


28. No one else.


Source: Valerie
29. You experience nothing yet, kid.


Source: Sarcasm
30. Like parent, like daughter.



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