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Century Old Cracker That Survives the Sinking of Titanic, Sold For $23,000

Check out the world’s most expensive and most valuable cracker.

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“Titanic” is one of the most award-winning and critically acclaimed films of all time. It has lingered in the hearts and minds of many people as much as we are deeply moved by the sad love story of Rose and Jack. But more than that, it’s the real tragedy behind it that had us bawling our eyes out while watching.

The film took its inspiration from the RMS Titanic , a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic ocean in April 1912 and took the lives of over 1600 people. Through the years, more and more discoveries related to the sunken ship have resurfaced–important artifacts, lost pieces of the Titanic history and some untold stories of its passengers and survivors.

Just recently, another discovery has taken us back in time, in the form of–Spillers and Bakers Pilot “Cracker.” You may find it amusing but the 103-year-old cracker from the RMS Titanic has recently been bought for $23,000 at an auction in England. Yes, it’s as legit as the fact that it’s now the most expensive cracker in the world.

According to auctioneer Andrew Aldridge, “It is the world’s most valuable biscuit.”


Photo credit: Henry Aldridge & Son
As reported by BBC, the plain biscuit fetched 5000 ($7656) more than what was expected and was bought by a Greek collector.


Photo credit: Henry Aldridge & Son
Another item that hit the auction block was a photo of the iceberg which was believed to have sunk the Titanic ship.


Photo credit: Henry Aldridge & Son

The now-famous cracker was taken from a survival kit in one of Titanic’s lifeboats and found by James Fenwick which he labeled and kept inside an envelope as a souvenir. Fenwick is one of the passengers onboard the SS Carpathia. While he was lucky to have survived the tragedy and whatever his reasons were for holding on to what people now consider a “treasure,” his heirs are luckier and richer now too because of it.

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Despite Warnings From China, US Will Send More Warships Near Man-made Islands

China called the act “extremely irresponsible.” US says “We will do it again.”

Mark Andrew



Several weeks ago, we shared with you the news about the United States’ announcement that they will sail their warship near the location of the controversial China-made islands in the West Philippines Sea. Well, it seems U.S. pushed through with their plans and China is completely unhappy about it.

China openly expressed their disappointment and has even breathed out warnings against the act. In fact, China asked the U.S. ambassador to Beijing in a protest that accused the United States of “serious provocation.” On top of that, Zhang Yesui, Chinese vice foreign minister, said that the act was “extremely irresponsible.”

U.S. officials, on the other hand, brushed it off and said that they will conduct more similar missions soon.

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Russian Submarine That Can Cut Underwater Internet Cables Worries US Officials

American officials are worried that Russians may tap or even cut U.S. underwater cable wires through its newly launched submarine.

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American officials are highly worried about what Russian submarines operating near underwater Internet cables are really up to. They are particularly fearing about possible attacks that the Russians may be cooking up against the cables.

Under the sea is a massive bed of Internet cables that account for approximately 95 percent of global communications and is said to cost about $10 trillion in business. Forty four years ago, the U.S. government started tapping the network of cables and released submarine USS Halibut, which discovered and subsequently spied on a Soviet telecommunications cable.

In 2004, the U.S. navy introduced the USS Jimmy Carter, which is said to be equipped with sophisticated equipment that can help to tap underwater cables and interrupt global networks.

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ISIS Blows Up Roman Arch of Triumph in 2000-Year-Old City of Palmyra

ISIS just added another historic ruins to the growing list of iconic structures that they have blown up. This time, it’s the Roman Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra.

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ISIS just added another historic ruins to the growing list of iconic structures that they have blown up. This time, it's the Roman Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra.

Palmyra is an ancient city which prospered during the Roman empire. Located in the city are several ancient structures which stood the test of time but unfortunately did not survive the reign of terror being waged by ISIS militants. In recent months, ISIS has already blown up the Lion of Al-lat, the Temples of Baalshamin and Bel, and the Tower of Elahbel. The militants believe that these ruins are sacrilegous, hence they need to be blown-up.

This photo shows the Arch of Triumph before ISIS militants blew it up.


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