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40 Times Parents With Baby Carriers Slayed Their Halloween Costumes





Ah, Halloween! It’s that time of year when kids visit various houses in the neighborhood as they do Trick or Treats. This is also the time when creativity begins to spark significantly. While some of us will resort to buying ready-made costumes, there are those who will actually go for DIY stuff.

But what if you’re a parent and you have a little baby? You can still celebrate Halloween, right? Well of course you can – if you do it right. With a twist of creativity, you can actually bring your baby or kid with you.

To give you a better idea, we compiled a list of parents who did just that. And yes, you can definitely use them for inspiration. Scroll down, check which one suits you best, and tell us what you think. Happy Halloween!

#1. “The president is in good hands, sir.”

Source: amberilyn
#2. Seriously, this is mad genius!

Source: rdt156
#3. Aww. Isn’t he adorable?

Source: reireiinc
#4. I don’t know about you, but this one here is quite scary.

#5. This cute baby Rapunzel, though.

Source: megan
#6. Keyword: Strong.

#7. A baby popcorn? Hell yeah!

#8. This is a legit Super Mario baby!

#9. Not your typical E.T. and Elliot costume.

#10. Totoro fans, what say you?

Source: heytamara
#11. One word to describe this: Awesome!

Source: wrapyourbaby
#12. Meet the baker and her lovely cupcake.

#13. The Leprechaun finally got his pot of gold.

#14. Frida has never been this lovely.

#15. A sloth baby with his mother tree.

Source: Aaron Dyer
#16. Tandem skydivers.

#17. The pirate and the parrot.

#18. This octopus baby costume is sick!

#19. This wrecking crew is lit.

#20. People, meet the presidential babies.

Source: meganjeyifo