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They Found Her Skin and Bones at a Public Pound. Watch What Her Rescuers Did to Her!





Everybody deserves a second chance—even dogs. I’m clearly a cynophile and like most dog lovers, it breaks my heart to see emaciated, neglected dogs like this poor pup in the video.

Theia was saved from a public pound in Romania. She was skin and bones and covered in fleas and ticks when the people from Howl of a Dog found her. The poor pup was so weak and malnourished that her internal organs had been damaged. Her liver, in particular, was severely affected.

Her cage and her critical health condition prevented her from running and living a happy life despite her young age. Fortunately, there are kindhearted people, like those from the organization, who selflessly rescue gentle dogs like Theia.

They gave her the love and attention that she so clearly needed. And after a month of intensive medical care, she had shown great progress. Theia has not completely recovered yet, but they said that “she’s going on the right direction”.

She’s now healthier and happier than ever.

Watch Theia’s heartwarming story:

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