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10 Sweet and Simple Compliments to Melt Her Heart

Every woman would definitely want to hear these!






Complimenting is total opposite of “easier said than done.” Because it’s a very, very tricky thing to begin with. And if you’re romantically interested with a person, you definitely don’t want your compliments to come across as disingenuous or hollow. That’s a big no-no, my friend.

While complimenting – if done correctly – can be a huge attempt in getting into her heart (and pants?), it can still be a rough move to deliver. The trick actually is to focus on the less-obvious areas for praise, as this proves to make her fully impressed. Stop with the “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” because it’s clichéd. You’re going to need more than that.

Below are 10 compliments that women can’t simply resist. You’ll be glad afterwards.

#10. ‘You’re Hilarious!’

A popular myth is that women aren’t funny. Well, this is totally false. Women, most especially when in groups, actually love to crack jokes and have fun. Letting a girl know that she’s funny is best communicated when you laugh at her jokes. So don’t just tell her “you’re hilarious,” when you’re not even laughing. You don’t necessarily have to burst into laughter. A simple smile or an appreciative laughter is enough to get the message across.

#9. ‘I Always Learn So Much From You.’

Source: Listaka

It can’t be denied that men like being the person who can bring vast information to a group. This is also true with women. They love being complimented on their intellect. You can tell her how beautiful or lovely she is, but nothing compares when her brain becomes the centerpiece. Just simply let her know that you value her opinion and/or input. And more importantly, tell her that you learn from her insights. The key here, however, is to know exactly what your lady partner is trying to teach you. This should make the compliment more genuine.

#8. ‘You’ve Got Such Nice Eyes/Lips/Teeth/Hair.’

Source: Glamour

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is always a good thing, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, this compliment has become so generic that almost all women hear these from men who try to hit them up. So why go with the flow when you can always go against it? Take a step further by choosing a favorite feature and letting her know about them. For instance, you love everything about her eyes. Then go ahead and tell her. Let her know how lovely her eyes are, especially when yours meet them. Simple but straight to the point.

#7. ‘I Trust You Implicitly.’

Source: Great Love

This one here, though, is perfect for dudes who are currently in committed relationships. And it’s very simple: Just tell her that you trust her. Remember that jealousy can be a dividing force in any relationship, most especially when you ignore the signs in the beginning. Always make sure that your partner knows that you trust her. Also, tell her that you appreciate her loyalty as much as she does with yours. You can even tell this to her in a form of text or email. Be sure to dedicate a minute or two each day to remind your significant other that you trust her implicitly.

#6. ‘You’re Not Like Everyone Else.’

Source: Pixabay

Remember not to confuse this with the line, “you’re not like other girls.” The latter is a thinly-veiled sexism. It’s something that most women – especially highly self-respecting ones – will not love to hear. “You’re not like other girls” brings forth the idea that being most girls, in one way or another, is a bad thing.

With “you’re not like everyone else,” however, it’s always a lovely thing to hear. Not only does it acknowledge your date or girlfriend’s knowledge, it also reassures her that you find her endearing. Again, women love to be valued. And saying this line is one way of letting them feel such.

#5. ‘You’re Good at What You Do.’

Source: Pixabay

Whatever your girl or date does in terms of hobbies and/or career, among many others, they deserve to be recognized for it. They’re worthy of every praise for their talent and skill. The key here is to focus on the craft that really matters to her. If you think she’s fond of painting, then find a way to compliment her about it. Try to encourage her to pursue this thing, too. Complimenting her craft goes beyond the words you utter. You’d want to make sure that she feels accepted and appreciated.

#4. ‘You’re a Good Friend.’

Women aren’t new to being complimented for a lot of things: From their outfits to how they look to the things they eat. But telling her that she’s a good friend is much, much more. It strikes at the core of who she is as a person and her very best, most selfless qualities. You can complement her for being a good friend to her friends or to you. Just because you two seem to have a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you’re not good friends. Of course, you are!

#3. ‘You’re Sexy!’

Source: Best Life

This line here is the one that you must keep and say after a few dates. You don’t want to tell this to your lady partner after seeing her for the first time. Just no. Once you finally earn the rapport and trust, you can start complimenting how sexy she is. Or perhaps tell her that you find her attractive in a sexual way. This could really be the icing on the cake, most especially when she’s on the mood.

#2. ‘You Look Great Today.’

Source: Herinterest

When it comes to complimenting, taking notice of her appearance is a very critical move. This is where you’ll need to be a keen observer. If she’s wearing a special dress tonight, be sure to notice and complement it. You can also complement her hairstyle or the makeup she wears. Overall, your goal is to make her feel special and appreciated. Telling her how great she is your golden ticket!

#1. ‘You’re My Favorite Person to Spend Time With.’

Source: YourTango

Telling your woman that you enjoy her company is, without a doubt, the simplest and sincerest compliment on Earth. Not only is it humble, it’s also undramatic. In long-term relationships, couples usually lose the spark when their passion towards each other diminishes. And when it comes to passion, this includes the effort of reminding each other how grateful they are with their company. This also works as an assurance that you’re ready to be with her, even if it means moving to a new, unfamiliar territory.

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