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This Badass Delivery Guy Can Carry 5 Water Containers At The Same Time





The video below shows us a delivery guy carrying five water containers at the same time. Yes, you read that right – five freaking water containers at the same freaking time!

It’s really impressive how strong this guy is and how dedicated he is to his job. Also, we’re amazed with his technique. I mean I struggle with just one of these! And then here this dude is, making it look all easy like it was nothing.

Viral video shows this delivery guy carrying 5 water gallons into a store.

Source: NTD TV

Obviously, this man has mastered the art of his job. Just watch how he placed three containers on his shoulders – without any help – and then carried the remaining two using his left arm.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he went into the store with all then burden and then comfortably placed the containers one by one on the rack.

You can watch the video here:

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The video eventually earned mixed reactions from netizens. While many were impressed with the guy’s strength, some also took the time to point out that what he’s doing can actually be risky.

“Sir please be very careful, you gonna hurt your back,” one Facebook commenter wrote. Another said, “There’s always the proper tool for every job! A hand truck would have been a lot safer and easily prevent an injury. Work smarter not harder.”

Well we do hope that his supervisor notices all that hard work and gives him some help. Yes, we agree that a hand truck could be more practical.

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