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This Spoiled Brat at a Store Will Make You Really Mad

Are you raising a little monster? How would you react to an extremely spoiled brat?


We all know stories of “kids from hell”. They are extremely obnoxious spoiled brats who must have everything they want, otherwise they will throw a tantrum! Children like that are known to suffer from superiority complex or a feeling of self-entitlement.

This attitude problem among children is largely influenced by inappropriate parenting techniques. What parents show as examples to their children is imprinted on them, and it becomes the foundation of their personalities too. However as parents, sometimes we may overlook the negative things our children do, and may feel very protective when other people try to “scold” or tell off our little buggers to behave.

This scenario is exactly put to the test by the ABC News show segment What Would You Do.


A ten-year old girl and her mom will act bratty on a store and bully the shop attendant. So how did other shoppers react to the situation?

Watch the video clip below:

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If your child is acting as if he or she owns everybody and is extremely bossy what would you do to discipline them? Will you also feel defensive like the mom if other people scold your child? How about if you are one of the shoppers and overhear a child like that? Would you do what some of the women did, like confronting the child directly, or confronting the mom?

Whichever way we choose to handle the situation, the important thing to note is that we may all have different parenting styles and different circumstances in life. But one thing should stay the same no matter what method we raise our kids, and that is we should teach them that everybody, rich or poor, old or young, no matter what gender, race or religion, everyone deserves respect and kindness.

Comment below for your thoughts on this, or your tips on effective parenting. And don’t forget to share this!


This 9-Year-Old Boy Makes $1.3 Million Unboxing and Reviewing Toys On YouTube

EvanTubeHD is definitely living the dream!

How would you like to make millions just by opening boxes of toys? Well, this Asian-American boy is definitely living the dream.

Known to the online world as EvanTube, this YouTube superstar has a massive following with over 2 million subscribers and 1 billion views since his channel was established back just last September 2011.

At the time, Evan simply asked Jared, his dad, to upload their Angry Bird stop motion videos on the video-sharing site so that he could show them with his school friends. His father, who works in a photography and video production company, did exactly that.

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Get Ready to Solve The World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube!

Good luck solving this intricate piece of toy!

Attention all speedcubing champs and puzzle aficionados! A new challenge awaits you! For years, people have created several variations of Erno Rubik’s ingenuous invention. But this 22x22, 3D-printed Rubik’s cube made by Coren Puzzle is yet the largest version ever built of this bestselling toy.

Assembling this highly complex trinket hadn’t been easy, but with patience---a lot of patience, they were finally able to finish it.

The classic cube is composed of six colored sides, 21 pieces, and 54 outer surfaces.

The classic cube is composed of six colored sides, 21 pieces, and 54 outer surfaces.

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15 Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults Designed to Test Your Mental Agility

Try this quiz and be entertained while answering these mind-bending questions quickly and accurately. You will surely have fun!

Brain teasers are sequence of puzzling questions and bending logic that will test our problem solving skills.

It is done to exercise our memory, boost brain activity, enhance speed and stimulate concentration.

These are fun games to do with family; aside from rocking our brain, it can also be a source of hearty laughs, entertainment and closeness since it’s an energizing substitute for traditional family games.

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