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Epic Fail! Russian Navy Day Celebration Gets Ruined By Failed Missile Launches





Although the Russian Navy Day was meant to be a serious military event, everyone eventually started bursting in laughter – thanks to a very misguided missile!

The blunder took place at Sevastopol port at Crimea where frigate Ladny was supposed to demonstrate its SS-N-14 Silex, a missile used against submarines. Instead of showing an impressive firepower though, the missile performed poorly as its booster’s went off course while the flight body dived straight to the sea.

Bystanders were able to capture footages of the embarrassment which later went viral on social media, receiving a lot of views, shares, and comments from amused netizens across the world.

Watch the laughable missile launch here:

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Adding further insult to the injury, another demonstration didn’t go as originally planned when a warship’s tubes opened to launch but the missiles never took off. Who knew Russian weaponries were these bad? And by bad, we don’t exactly mean it as a compliment!

Traditionally, Navy Day celebration are held every July across various ports in Russia to pay tribute to servicemen, veterans, shipbuilders, repairers, and everyone involved in sea service. Parades are done in the Pacific, Northern, Baltic, Black Sea, and Caspian Flotilla. Aside from honoring everyone, this event usually showcases the navy’s strength, skills, and power.

Unfortunately, this year’s celebration became memorable for all the bad reasons. The only good thing here is that no one was hurt despite of all the mishaps. Also, it was noteworthy that President Vladimir Putin was celebrating elsewhere. Imagine how angry or embarrassed he would have been had he witnessed the failed missile firing. We suspect his ego would be badly damaged. Pres. Putin attended Navy Day at Baltiysk City.

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