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This School Allows Kids To Stand On Tables, Sing and Dance as a Teaching Method!





The traditional way of teaching in most schools involves sitting for hours, listening to lectures, doing seat works, and being asked to memorize long poetry lines or the period table of elements. This is how generations are taught. But with the kids of today’s time, we can never expect them to learn in an environment that lacks adequate stimulation. We are now in the era of iPods, computers and tablets. Kids are more advanced in knowledge and the only way for them to be interested in new things is to change how information are relayed to them, at least that’s what one school co-founder in North Carolina believes.

In the video below, we were blown away by the manner of teaching the school advocates at the Ron Clark Academy. The kids are thought possessive nouns by singing to the tune of the latest pop song, school visitors are asked to slide down a huge slide for ‘certification’ and teachers are encouraged to employ teaching methods in ways they believe will be of great benefit to the students.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Ron Clark Academy via Little Things

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