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People Are Renting Grounded Private Jets to Appear Fabulous on Instagram

Er, goals?






In today’s social media-obsessed world, people go to great lengths to project a picture-perfect life. Be it on their Facebook profiles or Instagram feeds, users can’t help but filter their posts to show their life’s highlight reel. Maybe it’s the need for validation. Maybe it’s the pressures of modern society. But it’s one thing to choose only the best moments to share online, and a totally different one to stage certain events for the likes.

You’ve probably heard of Instagrammers posting splendid photos, or poses that look candid but were totally planned. But it turns out there’s a newer and bigger way of staging photos that’s becoming quite a thing nowadays.

One private jet company, Private Jet Studio, is allowing people to hire their grounded jets so they can look Insta-cool.

The Moscow-based company also offers private photoshoot services complete with photographers, equipment, props, makeup, and styling. The goal is to make their clients feel and look like a real high roller – even just for a few hours.

The rent and photography services cost $244 for two hours.

To include a video, you’ll have to pay $434. A simple access to the plane costs $191. Photos can be taken outside the plane, while boarding, while inside, and while heading out.

Pets are also allowed to join the photo shoot.

Perhaps your pooch can also get a taste of the luxurious life. Couples and groups of friends have also signed up for the service.

A lot of Instagrammers hoping to build a following and a brand are trying out Private Jet Studio’s offerings.

The glamour of appearing to afford a private jet surely gets a lot of attention and likes on Instagram, so it’s no surprise aspiring Instagram stars are getting in on the new trend.

What do you think of this new way to get likes?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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15 Heart-Healthy Foods That You Need to Add in Your Diet

If you want to save yourself from possible heart diseases, then these are a must-try!




We all know how important health is. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be spending money on medicines and healthcare. But despite our efforts to keep our body healthy, we still get sick. This is perhaps due to our unhealthy diets and habits. After all, we’re guilty of craving stuff like chocolates, burgers, and alcohol, among others.

When talking about health, it can’t be denied that the heart is simply the most important organ in our body. The moment it ceases to function, we’re dead. Unfortunately, many of us are into fatty food – the kind that increases our cholesterol levels. Unbeknownst to some, these can lead to vascular plaques and thus prevent our heart from working accordingly.

But it’s not too late to turn things around and choose the right path. You can still save your heart and yourself from these horrors. Well, without further ado, below are 15 products that can clean your blood vessels efficiently. They’re also effective in improving your overall well-being, decreasing your chances of getting heart attacks in the future. Go ahead and take note of them!

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Wanted Man Turns Himself In After He Loses In A Facebook Dare With A Police

A wanted man lost to a Facebook dare with the police and he finally ended up behind the bars.

Donna Marie Padua



Social media already has an established name on communication and information dissemination, but apparently, its ability is not limited to just keeping people from different parts of the world connected. It appears that it is also an effective tool to catch criminals.

In a very odd scenario, a wanted man from Michigan voluntarily turned himself in after losing to a police on a Facebook challenge he came up with. He agreed to surrender himself if the police’s Facebook post about him reaches 1,000 shares. Moreover, he promised to appear at the police station with a box of doughnut if he loses to them.

Wanted Michael Martin Zaydel dared the Redford Township Police Department into a dare to make him surrender.

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Couple with 33 Years Age Gap Defends Relationship After Being Called ‘Disgusting’

“I don’t understand why I get called nasty things for being in a happy and healthy relationship,” says Amanda.

Mark Andrew



Although we often hear the expression “age is just a number,” it’s still a pretty big deal for many people. Case in point, the couple below has an age gap of 33 years and some simply wouldn’t quit bugging them because of it. In fact, they’ve even been labeled “disgusting” because of their relationship.

Still, 25-year-old Amanda Harper and 58-year-old Jay Horsy is determined to prove everyone wrong. The pair wants to show to everyone that it is possible to have a “happy and healthy” relationship despite the age difference.

Age doesn't matter in love, right?

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