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8 Foods That Can Prevent Morning Sickness

These yummy foods will help you enjoy your pregnancy.

Nobelle Borines





Pregnancy is a truly magical time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, it also comes with back pains, mood swings, and morning sickness. Although body pain and moodiness can be alleviated, there are only a few surefire ways to prevent nausea. Sometimes, it’s all about what you eat.

Eating the right kind of food during pregnancy can keep your nausea at bay until the baby arrives. Here are eight delicious foods that can prevent morning sickness.

1. Drink some lemon water to start your day

Lemons can cleanse your palate and perk you up right away. It can also ease stomachaches and has been known to get rid of morning sickness. You can choose to drink it warm or cold, depending on your preference.

2. Make a sandwich with cold cuts and raw vegetables

They say cold food can ease nausea and cure your hunger for something savory. Load up on cold cuts and vegetables that you can quickly make into a sandwich when you’re feeling lazy but hungry.

3. Sip on some soup to ease your tummy

There are several soup recipes that can prevent nausea and also be healthy for you and your baby. Try a carrot and ginger soup that will fill you up and keep your tummy at ease.

4. Mix some lemon up with ginger tea for a refreshing drink

Ginger tea is super effective at stopping morning sickness. Add some honey as well to sweeten your tea and just relax with the soothing aroma of your beverage.

5. Toast is a quick way to get rid of nausea

You don’t need anything too savory to soothe your belly. A slice of toast can sometimes have a miraculous effect on fussy pregnant women.

6. Snack on some pretzels

Sometimes you just need something soft and salty. Pretzels can reportedly ease nausea and it’s really yummy so why not give it a try?

7. Snack on basic fruits like mangoes and bananas

Mangoes are a great source of vitamin C while bananas are rich in phosphorus. They are also really delicious and will not affect your tummy.

8. Peppermint tea can warm your stomach and keep you calm

Being pregnant can sometimes get stressful so remember to relax with some peppermint tea. It’s a great way to calm your senses and even an upset stomach.

Pregnancy can be a truly wonderful thing as long as you keep yourself healthy. Enjoy these lovely foods and we’re wishing you all the best on your little bundle of joy.


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