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Pregnant Woman Sees “Ghost” of Dead Mom in Her Baby Scan 





In February this year, Rebecca Melia lost her mom Sharon to kidney cancer. Sharon, who battled the deadly disease for three years, died at the age of 49.

Sadly, Rebecca didn’t have the chance to tell her she was pregnant with her 14th grandchild.

Now, the 30-year-old mom is  fully convinced that Sharon is still watching over their family and even her unborn child after allegedly seeing her ghost in a baby scan.

On June 18, Rebecca went to the hospital to have her baby scanned.  The expectant mom knew something was up when the nurses took a long time before bringing the scan back.

Surprisingly, nothing was wrong with her unborn child as one of the nurses brought her the baby scan and said: “I think you might like this one.”


In the baby scan, Rebecca saw an image of her unborn child and the face of her mom Sharon.

“I couldn’t believe it; I was shocked, happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. My mum’s face, which I longed to see, was there as clear as day on my scan,” she said.

Rebecca took home the baby scan and shared pictures of it on Facebook. Through her story, the soon-to-be-mom hopes to inspire people who have lost their loved ones.


“I wanted to share this story to bring comfort to others who have lost their loved ones and show this is proof that loved ones who have died may not be seen, but they are still here,” she added.

Source: Mirror UK

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