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Polio-Stricken Chinese Boy Was Forced By Bullies to Eat Feces

This is so sick.


Bullying in any form is not acceptable, more so when it’s minors doing it to each other. Boys picking on the “weaker” kids in school has become so rampant that sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. Bullies picking on a seemingly normal and healthy kid is bad enough; them picking on someone with a disease or a handicap is a whole different level.

The bullying described in this news report involves a group of boys bullying a kid suffering from polio. This sounds bad already. The way they bullied the poor kid makes it even worse – they make him eat feces from the public toilet! The incident happened in Yanquing No.2 Middle School in Beijing. It was caught on video which quickly went viral in Chinese social media.

Here you can see the kid picking up feces from the squat toilet bowl and putting it in his mouth.

He was licking his feces-covered fingers repeatedly.

Yanquing’s education commission launched an investigation as disgusted netizens slammed the incident.

Seven students were involved in the incident. Five of them were fined. They cannot be detained because they are under 16 years of age. The remaining two were not punished at all because they are just 14 years old.

The boy is suffering from polio, also known as poliomyetilitis. The condition invades the nervous system and causes paralysis in some cases. Vaccination is the known prevention for this disease and there is no cure as of the moment.

The school arranged for the boy to receive psychological counseling.

Before making him eat excrement, the bullies actually extorted more than 100 yuan ($15 dollars) of cash from him and beat him up.

This news must be so hard on parents who are worried about the welfare of their kids in school. Teachers are not around all the time to constantly monitor the condition of their students. Hopefully, schools will enforce stricter punishments for those who practice bullying and provide counseling for those that are bullied.


Arizona Is Literally On A Hot Seat, Everything’s Melting

Arizona has experienced an extreme heat wave over the past week. It’s so hot, it melted trash bins, hindered airplanes from flying and caused heat-stroke-related deaths.

Summer is just around the corner, but Arizona had a taste of the scorching sun over the week, reaching a staggering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

In fact, the entire Southwest has experienced an extreme heat wave where temperatures melted trash bins and people suffered a heat stroke. But Arizona experienced extreme temperatures that airplanes were not allowed to fly.

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, has been in the middle of a heat wave that made the temperatures shoot higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) in just one week. That ties the city's record set 22 years ago of days above 115 degrees.

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Chinese Woman Throws Coins at the Plane’s Engine for “Good Luck”, Delays Flight

The other passengers must have been mighty pissed.

Some people believe in superstitions and those of us who don’t should respect that. We are entitled to our own beliefs and if some find comfort in old practices, we don’t have the right to sway them from it. But when these superstitions become the cause of hassle and safety of other people, this is when we should draw the line.

An elderly female passenger caused a massive delay in a China Southern Airlines flight because of something she did for “good luck”; she threw coins at the plane’s engine! She disposed nine coins and only one of them landed on the engine, but it was enough for the airline to delay the flight and evacuate its 150 passengers.

The delay lasted several hours.

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Colombian Drug Smugglers Built Military-Type Stealth Boat to Deliver Drugs Undetected

According to authorities, the vessel is low-profile, fast, and very hard to detect.

Drug smugglers are really becoming a little too clever these days. Remember that news report where we told you of how some dealers are using in Kuwait pigeons to deliver their illegal goods? Well, it looks like things are a bit more elaborate and high-tech for Colombian drug smugglers.

In a post by PopularMechanics, we learn that Guatemalan police recently found an “odd watercraft” that utilizes the same hull technology as military vessels called Very Slender Vessels (VSVs).

Apparently, this stealth boat has been used by smugglers to deliver drugs undetected.

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