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10 Chilling Photos Taken Just A Few Moments Before Something Tragic Happened

These photos are so heartbreaking. 🙁

The sad thing about tragedy is that it can sometimes strike when you least expect it. There are rare instances, however, when people were able to capture the moments leading to tragic incidents with the use of cameras.

The chilling photos you will see below gives us a peek of what it looks like before something really, really bad occurs. These images can be disturbing and chilling, especially as you learn the backstory about each one.

#1. Last selfie.


This carefree snapshot was taken by 15-year-old Gary Slok. He was sitting right next to Petra, his mom, as they were aboard the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines MH17. The mysterious aircraft was never seen again.

#2. Tragic Snapchat.


Pictured on the back of this woman from Little Rock, Arkansas is her boyfriend and his gun. He later killed her using the same weapon.

#3. Farewell smile.


In 2013, 22-year-old Gabriela Hernandez posted this photo on Facebook before taking her own life. She wrote:

“Goodbye to all, I don’t have anything now, I don’t have anything. Julio I love you, never forget it. I’m leaving with a smile because you made me very happy while this lasted. To my family, I ask for your forgiveness. Love, Gabi.”

#4. Off to a dream vacation.


Dave Hally photographed his wife and 4-year-old daughter moments before the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 took flight.

#5. “Happiness Is”


Robert Giblin, a Canadian soldier, shared this picture of him and his pregnant wife on Facebook. He even captioned it “Happiness is.” Moments later, he stabbed her and threw her off the balcony. The Afghanistan veteran then committed suicide by leaping to his death.


School’s Answering Machine Message Puts Self-Entitled Children and Parents in Their Place

Standing ovation for this school’s stance on responsibility and accountability.


An education prepares children for the real world, and part of getting an education is learning about responsibility and accountability. Unfortunately, kids these days see homework as a waste of time and miss doing their required schoolwork.

And their parents don’t seem to mind.

machine 1

The Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia got tired of parents suing them and their teachers. These parents expected the school to pass their failing children despite having 15 to 30-day absences during the semester and even if the kids failed to complete enough schoolwork to pass their classes....

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Grandpa Who Refused Elderly Seating on Train Proceeds to Defy Gravity

His parallel body antics are taking the internet by storm.


Most of us spend our lives wishing we could be healthier and fitter than we are but doing little to nothing about it. Not so this senior citizen who is now going viral online after his gravity defying stunt shocked the socks off the internet.

Wayne McEntire is a 68-year-old dentist from Texas. He recently traveled to Rio for the Olympics with his 19-year-old grandson, Britton. It’s the fifth Olympics McEntire has been to, and the second one he’s attended with Britton.

Britton and his grandpa Wayne proudly fly their colors.

grandpa 1...

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15 Funny Photos of Online Shopping Gone Wrong

What the heck is #8? LOL

The internet has truly revolutionized how we shop. With just a few clicks, you can buy anything you want right at the convenience of your own home - from hard-to-find collectibles to the latest gadgets, as well as the trendiest clothes and shoes, and everything else in between.

Everything’s practically available on the internet these days, yes.

The obvious downside here, however, is the fact that you can’t personally inspect the items until you pay for it and it’s been delivered to your doorstep. This can be pretty risky because, you know, there are some unscrupulous sellers out there....

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