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Artist Guy Has Been Drawing Daily Comics For His Girlfriend For 6 Years Now

The result is both hilarious and heartwarming!


Autobiographical comics, when done right, can be really hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Case in point, this series of diary comics from a guy from Instagram is both funny and touching.

Pete Duffield, artist of online comic ‘Kellie and Pete’, has been recently featured in BoredPanda and according to him, he began “making illustrations” for his girlfriend Kellie 6 years ago “to capture the funny things we say and do.”

Pete further shared:

“For the first few years no one except Kellie saw them but last year we decided to set up an Instagram page and since then we’ve been gradually building up a small and loyal following of super lovely, kind people. We’ve been overwhelmed by how positive and warm the support is.”

Later on, the couple had a daughter named Poppy – which made Pete draw more comics.

“Kellie and Poppy are a daily inspiration to me, and I love the thought of the 3 of us in years to come looking back at all the illustrations and cherishing the happy and funny memories.”

Reading the comics, we really couldn’t help but laugh along. Those in relationships and those who have kids will probably relate much with Kellie and Pete’s experiences together.

Go scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1 That moment when you just took a bath and then accidentally exposed yourself while watching TV.

#2. When its too hot to cuddle at night.

#3. When your partner is going through a tough time, you comfort her.

#4. Kellie’s weird fantasy:

#5. When you’re too exhausted to do anything – not even your regular bedtime routine!

#6. Those precious moments when you suddenly break out into spontaneous dancing in the middle of a conversation.

#7. Spooning Technique No.73

#8. Kellie trolling Pete with her ‘Old Dog Face’

#9. Whenever she has to give him a massage and put some lotion on his body, he pretends to be a guy, ‘unloading’ on his back.

#10. When you’re unaware your pants has a huge hole.

#11. That bittersweet moment when you have to say goodbye to your vehicle after an accident.

#12. Caught flexing in the mirror after a workout.

#13. When you just got home from work but your daughter wants to play tea parties.

#14. We’re all guilty of sleeping in weird positions sometimes.

#15. According to Pete, Kellie ‘dedicates every waking moment to making Poppy happy.’

#16. Grapes and fresh orange juice is like a ‘magical cure’ for every illness.

#17. This is what often happens when your daughter decides to sleep with you.

#18. Lasting relationships are built on loving each other, despite the imperfections.

#19. That beautiful feeling of being a new parent.

#20. When you’re both ‘ridiculously insecure’…

#21. Spoiler alert: Monday never comes.

#22. That sad moment when Pete was left alone at home because Kellie And Poppy stayed at Nanny’s place.

#23. This is how Pete and Poppy wake Kellie up every morning.

#24. Spooning Technique No. 27: The Bear Grab

#25. Girls love it when guys do the chores.

#26. Failed attempt at undressing seductively.

#27. Well, ain’t that strange.

#28. Over 30 hours of labor summed up in one illustration.

#29. Spooning Technique No. 83: The Accidental Knees

#30. When you suffer creative block but your partner is still supportive AF!

#31. Kellie drops f every meal and is still surprised each time.

#32. When you’re too tired for sex.

#33. This is why using a baby carrier is awesome.

#34. Kellie developed a strange ‘soft coating of hair’ during her pregnancy.

#35. Poppy loves clinking cups when Kellie or Pete says ‘Cheers!’

#36. Kellie always teases Pete for using two towels after showering.

#37. First day at home with the baby.

#38. When you’re stuck in the cot but can’t leave because you’re afraid the baby will wake up.

#39. Kellie loves updating Pete with every detail whenever she’s feeling sick.

#40. Valentine’s Day

#41 Multitasking?

#42. When you get lectured for forgetting to flush the toilet.

#43. “Sometimes at night, I’ll accidentally scratch Kellie with one of my sharp disgusting toenails.”

#44. Crazy pet names during text conversations.

#45. “Hold the dill.”

#46. The best thing about bedtimes? Reading stories with your kid, of course.

#47. When you’re spending too much time in the bath.

#48. “When I say ‘ah, gentle’, Poppy strokes my beard softly.”

#49. Ready to sleep? Not really!

#50. When you’re too sleepy but your partner is feeling horny.


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