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People Are Awesome 2016: The Compilation of The Most Epic Videos of the Year!

The compilation of this year’s most amazing caught-on-video moments will definitely cheer you up and blow your mind!


The year 2016 was tumultuous and even toxic at times. However, that doesn’t mean there was a shortage of incredibly exhilarating moments.

For starters, there are many seemingly ordinary people who do the most extraordinary things. These individuals are able to accomplish remarkable feats thanks to their fearlessness, skills, and genetic luck.

These people fly and move like real-life superheroes!

Their awesome stunts are often part of extreme sports. These include parkour, cliff diving, wingsuit flying, skiing, freerunning, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, extreme pogo, and BMX. They also engage in “tricking,” a training scheme wherein martial arts kicks are complemented by the flips and twists from gymnastics.

Then, of course, there’s BASE jumping. Apparently, “BASE” is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump. That would be B for “building,” A for “antenna,” S for “span,” and E for earth (more specifically, any elevated land form such as a cliff).

These awesome people also successfully incorporate mind-blowing twists in trick shots, martial arts, cheerleading, freestyle football, calisthenics, basketball dunks, cycling, kayaking, and even golf. It’s remarkable that they make things look so easy. They are able to face their fears and relish the adrenaline rush.

You’ve really got to see this video compilation!

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That said, a compilation of this year’s most amazing caught-on-video moments is available for the whole world to enjoy. It’s a must-watch video for those who are thinking of learning how to do something daring, embarking in an adventure, or simply gathering the courage to step out of their comfort zone.

Here’s a bonus video that’s sure to please the crowd.

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By the way, this isn’t the first time that the video clips of people’s amazing stunts have been compiled. We featured the compilations videos of People Are Awesome in 2014 and 2015. We highly recommend that you click on the links to enjoy even more awesomeness from the past two years. You’ll certainly get inspired or, at the very least, entertained.


Two Sisters Receive Teddy Bears With Voice Recording Of Their Late Grandfather

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