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Watch How This Optical Illusion Cake Magically Change Colors As It Spins





A party is never truly a party without a cake. Whether it be a birthday bash, a wedding reception, a job promotion, or any other celebration, cakes are always the true star of the show.

If you are into baking and are planning to serve a cake on an upcoming occasion, you might want to pay close attention here.

The unique cake you will see below has been getting a lot of online attention lately. In fact, netizens from across the world are blown away by its amazing feature – it magically changes colors while it spins.

Not your ordinary cake. In one angle, this cake looks like this:

Not your ordinary cake. In one angle, this cake looks like this:

But when you turn it the other way, it automatically changes its colors to this:

But when spinned, it automatically changes its colors to this:

How cool is that, right?

Baked by Angela Hubert (or ayarel01 on YouTube), this rainbow-colored wonder has everyone stumped. The optical illusion it creates is absolutely mesmerizing. Fortunately, Angela generously shared the technique on how she actually created the color-shifting sweet.

Watch the tutorial video here:

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For those thinking of trying this out, Angela recommends “freshly iced cake because a cake with dry icing will not comb smoothly.” She also adds that the effect can actually be achieved “with just two colors, although I recommend complementary colors, as not all overspray can be prevented.”

Angela, however, is quick to clarify that she didn’t come up with the original idea. As she specified on her video description:

“No, I am not the first to make this design. In fact, I learned this waaay back in 2002, when I started training how to decorate!”

In case you have any questions about baking this cake, go leave a comment on YouTube. Angela actually responds to comments there!

Good luck to baking your magical cake!