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Netizens Can’t Decide Whether this Girl is Above or Below Water





It was not too long ago when Cecilia Bleasdale and Paul Jinx’s photo of the “The Dress” took the internet by storm. Millions of netizens across the globe argued over the color of that particular outfit. Blue, black, white, or gold—we all answered differently to one simple question.

Now, another photo is leaving millions of netizens baffled. An Imgur user named Maskari uploaded a picture of an adorable little girl who seemed to enjoy the last days of summer playing in the water. Maskari wrote:

“This girl looks like she’s underwater and jumping into the water at the same time.”


Photo credit: Imgur/ Maskari

The clear, blue water in the background and the bubbles around her make it appear like she’s underwater. However, a closer look at the photo somehow reveals that her hair, which is tied up in a ponytail, is dry and steady. Some parts of her body, like her arms and legs also appear dry. If the girl is above water, then those are also not bubbles, but instead, splashes of water.

Netizens admit that the picture is mind-blowing as it is confusing. However, a Reddit user named Summerie said that if we adjust the colors of the photo, it will be more obvious that the little girl is not underwater.


Photo credit: Reddit/ Summerie

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