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Museum of Human Kindness Reminds Us There’s Still A Lot of Good People In The World

This museum restores our faith in humanity.

  • The Museum of Human Kindness, as its name implies, is a unique museum.
  • According to the founders, they are aiming to gather and share inspiring stories about kind acts performed by strangers.
  • The museum showcases personal experiences and artworks to highlight the good side of human beings.

By its name alone, anyone can easily tell that The Museum of Human Kindness is not like any other. Besides, this unique museum does more than showcase fantastic works of art – it also helps restore people’s faith in humanity.

In a Unilad feature, we learn that the museum has been conceptualized and founded by the husband-and-wife tandem of Ralph Paprzycki and Kazz Morohashi. According to the latter, their goal is simply to celebrate “random acts of kindness from strangers through stories and art.”

The Museum of Human Kindness is here to spread good vibes.

Meanwhile, their official website further specifies that the project wants to get positive stories out there in the hopes of “countering” the numerous “polarizing narratives” dished out by mainstream media.

A portion of the site’s About page reads:

“Our aim is to create a reflective space for discussions on kindness as a universal virtue of mankind. We want to create a museum where intangible acts of kindness are turned into tangible experiences for all visitors.”

The museum is inviting everyone to share their inspiring experiences.

Kazz likewise mentioned that she was an avid listener of a radio program where people are invited to express gratitude to others. Combining that idea with her love of museums, she and Ralph eventually established a venue where good stories can be shared and compiled.

The couple has a team of artists who create artworks based on the submitted stories.

Although the museum occasionally does pop-up exhibitions in select locations, all the existing entries are easily accessible online.

Interested individuals who want to share their personal stories may get in touch with the museum here. Meanwhile, social media users who want to follow them for more updates may also do that via Instagram.


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