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Man Orders 2 Cups of Water at Restaurant – And Leaves $10,000 Tip!





A waitress at a popular hot dog restaurant in North Carolina received a huge shock when a customer left her a $10,000 cash tip. The woman then chose to split the hefty amount with her coworkers.

MrBeast is a YouTube star with almost 9 million subscribers. He went to Sup Dog not to buy something to eat but to order two glasses of water. He looked as if he was going to order more at first as he was browsing the menu, but MrBeast suddenly stood up and left. What made his short trip to the hot dog joint an OMG-moment was the fact that he left a $10,000 tip and a note that read, “Thanks for the delicious water.”

Waitress Alaina Custer, a student at East Carolina University, was MrBeast’s server at the time.

He only asked for two glasses of water and left without ordering anything else.

When Custer returned to the table, she found $10,000 in cash along with the note. The waitress was understandably shocked when she saw the money.

She said:

“I literally didn’t think it was real. I picked it up, and it was a giant stack of hundreds… I thought someone was playing a joke on me … I tried to start counting, but I was shaking too bad, and it was way too much to count.”

Custer kept $800 and decided to split the rest of the money with her coworkers.

Custer said that it was a blessing to receive the tip as most of the workers at Sup Dogs are “broke college kids.” She said that the money is going to help them a lot. They will be splitting the tip up.

Restaurant owner Bret Oliverio shared that he asked Jimmy D. Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, why he did what he did, and got a response that will restore your faith in humanity.

The 20-year-old YouTube star is known for videos showing large donations of money and doing random tasks for hours on end.

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