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Montreal Man Gives Away Farm-Fresh Vegetables Every Week





Who doesn’t like free things? A Montreal man has been giving out fresh vegetables straight from the farm along Lachine Canal. Interestingly, he refuses to take any payment because he is promoting “a culture of sharing.”

Ben Williams has been bringing farm-fresh vegetables and giving them away to his neighbors in Montreal’s Southwest borough. He works on a farm and gets the veggies in place of a salary. Since he can only consume so much, he decided to give the excess away to anyone who needs them. Not surprisingly, several people are beginning to take notice of his cardboard signs proclaiming “The Shareocracy of the Future.”

Who could resist these fresh veggies?

Williams isn’t just about giving away free vegetables. The 35-year-old farmhand explained that he is promoting “shareocracy” as an alternative to capitalism or socialism.

“All we really need is people who care about us, food and shelter — and food comes from the ground and it is actually free. We made life more complicated than we had to. There’s no obligation, expectation or judgment on anyone. The idea is that, in a genuine culture of sharing, people share because they grew up in a culture of sharing.”

Interestingly, people are beginning to understand Williams’ ideology. Some residents have shared their own goods with him and have reportedly been passing on the free vegetables to their friends.

Williams is planning to promote sharing outside Montreal and around Canada.

Williams is about to wrap up another season but he has no plans of slowing down. He is already looking forward to the next crop and intends to keep promoting his ideas to his neighbors.

“People respond well to the idea. That’s one of the things that is rewarding to me,” he said.

Williams revealed that he is planning to move out of Montreal by 2020 so he can travel around Canada. This way, he can spread the culture of sharing with more people.

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