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Monopoly Is Getting A ‘Fully Immersive’ Real Life Version Complete With Fake Jail

The most popular board game in the world just got real!


People around the world love playing Monopoly. It is one of the most popular board games that players tend to take very seriously. Now it looks like you can truly act out a Monopoly game in real life. A “fully immersive” real-life version of the game is opening soon and it even comes with a fake jail cell.

Monopoly Dreams is the closest thing you can get to a real-life board game. It is “the first Monopoly-themed attraction in the world, as well as a brand-new tourist attraction in Hong Kong.” The game’s classical elements like Train Station, Water Supply, Bank, and Jail will be brought to life at The Peak, which happens to be the most expensive tile in the Hong Kong version of Monopoly.

Here’s what the Bank will look like at ‘Monopoly Dreams’.

So what can people expect at Monopoly Dreams? The theme park boasts of a “20,000 sq. ft. indoor and outdoor area, equipped with AR, hologram and 4D interactive game technology.” This means that if you ever land in Jail during the game, you’ll have to get into an actual jail cell.

Monopoly Dreams was created in partnership with Hasbro. Needless to say, it’s a truly exciting attraction to look forward to in Hong Kong later this year.

Mr. Casey Collins, GM & SVP Entertainment & Licensing of Hasbro, Inc., stated that the venture is a truly exciting one.

“Our exciting partnership with Monopoly Dreams allows Hasbro to further extend the reach of Monopoly to location based entertainment sector and provide families and tourists with wonderfully memorable and highly immersive entertainment experiences by stepping into the first, fully immersive MONOPOLY-themed entertainment attraction,” Collins said in a statement.

You can end up in an actual jail cell while playing at ‘Monopoly Dreams’.

Mr. Gary Chan, the Chief Operations Officer of Monopoly Dreams, is already expecting thousands of visitors when the attraction opens this year.

“Having invested – a significant amount of resources to design and create Monopoly Dreams, we highly treasure the establishment of this project. We target to accommodate over 700,000 visitors,” Chan said. “Not only we are dedicated to bringing immersive interactive experience for all generations of local Hong Kong, we are also endeavored to offer a new destination for tourists.”

Monopoly Dreams does not have an exact opening date just yet. However, the tourist attraction is expected to open to the public before the end of 2019.

Watch the ‘Monopoly Dreams’ promo below:

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