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30 Hilarious Comics That Only People With Dark Humor Will Appreciate





When you’ve got some sick sense of humor and you’re itching to share it with the world, making comics is probably a good way to do it. The medium of comics takes advantage of both words and pictures and so it can make your jokes accessible for more readers.

We’ve previously featured some good online comics here on our site such as Sailesh Gopalan’s Brown Paper Bag, a satirical “slice-of-life comedy webcomic” which pokes fun at the realities of growing up with an Indian family.

Now allow us to introduce you to another brilliant creator by the name of Mike Organisciak.

Although he didn’t have any previous experience in comics-making, Mike decided to hop aboard and give it a shot by writing and drawing a comic strip a day for 100 days.

The result, as the title above gives you a hint, is hilarious but with a wicked twist. In fact, Mike’s comics isn’t for the faint-of-heart and so they can only be appreciated by those with dark sense of humor. If you’re sensitive in any way, some of his punch lines or subjects may be offensive. Otherwise, if you’re someone who knows how to take things lightly, you’d have a rollicking fun reading Mike’s short cartoons.

Scroll below and see for yourself:

#1. “Oops! My bad!”

#2. Well you asked for it, mom.

#3. The anomaly.

#4. The monster under the bed.

#5. Best guard dog ever.

#6. Bad neighbor.

#7. This discussion happened a little too late.

#8. Batman for a day.

#9. Wish granted.

#10. Who’s the loser now?

#11. That explains it.

#12. Jenga.

#13. Check the age.

#14. The unhappiest grandfather ever.

#15. Bad cupid!

#16. Magician exposed.

#17. Gotcha!

#18. Heroic firefighters.

#19. What a plot twist!

#20. You literally asked for it.

#21. Surprise!

#22. To be fair, it worked.

#23. You need to be more specific next time.

#24. Fire exit.

#25. Where’s Aladdin when you need him?

#26. Rainbows and unicorns.

#27. Weight loss.

#28. Work of art.

#29. Fly safely.

#30. “This isn’t our sixth Ranger.”

If you want to see more of Mike’s stuff, you may go check out his official website or like his Facebook page.

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