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McDonald’s Photos From The 80s And 90s Are Just Pure Nostalgia




  • Did you know that Ronald used to have a “gang” back then?
  • McDonald’s used to place ash trays on the tables because yes, they allowed people to smoke inside back then.
  • McDonald’s merchandise tie-ins are collector’s items now.

McDonald’s has always been a part of our lives. As time goes by, some of us may be trying to swear off “junk food” (whether fast food should be considered junk or not is another subject for debate) while some of us still rely on good old drive-through for a quick McDonald’s fix.

But whether or not you still eat McDonald’s, we can all agree on one thing – McDonald’s has been or still is a fun place to be. If you need a reminder of this, just take a look at these pictures of old Ronald McDonald’s stores for a very heartwarming burst of nostalgia.

Did you know that Ronald used to have a “gang” back then?

Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, and The Fry Kids – the younger ones today probably have no idea who these are.

As kids, we wanted to go to McDonald’s not just for the food but for the Playland (also called PlayPlace).

We LOVED those chunky plastic toys, cheeseburger seats, and tube slides – some places even had video game areas.

Speaking of cheeseburger seats… We have never known a kid who didn’t adore these specially made benches!
Back when using disposable plastic was not so criminal, McDonald’s had these pretty dope stirrers for their hot coffee.
Most McDonald’s still sell those Happy Meals (food combos that come with a free toy) but we swear the toys back then were definitely cooler!
Back when posting photos on social media was still light years ago, kids and adults alike all loved a photo snap with Ronald sitting on a bench.
McDonald’s also used to have ash trays on the tables because yes, they allow people to smoke inside back then. These were even placed on the tables for children’s parties.

Of course, this would likely horrify most parents now.

Back when people didn’t have mobile phones to keep them occupied while waiting for their orders, they can pass the time solving puzzles.
McDonald’s merchandise tie-ins with movies have yielded super cool items that have become collector’s items now.

You want a sore reminder how cheap food was back then? A milkshake for 75 cents!
We loved our ice cream cones back then and we still love them now.
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