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Stunning Female Pilot Achieves Viral Fame With Her Around-The-World Yoga Pics

What an amazing woman! No wonder she’s Insta-famous!

At first glance, you’d be forgiven if you mistake Maria Pettersson as a model or an actress. She is very much drop dead gorgeous, after all. Also, she has almost 500,000 followers on her Instagram account.

If you check out her account, however, you would be surprised to discover that this stunning woman actually works as a commercial pilot.

How did she get these so many social media followers, you ask?

Well, she achieved online fame when she started posting photos of herself doing yoga poses – around the world.

Swedish pilot woman Maria Pettersson has around 500,000 followers on Instagram.

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 1

Source: Instagram

Originally from the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, Maria Pettersson pilots for Ryanair and now lives in Palermo, Sicily in Italy. According to her, she started her Instagram account when she moved there so she could share her adventures with her family.

According to Maria, she created her Instagram account so she could share her adventures with her family in Sweden.

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 3

Source: Instagram

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 4

Source: Instagram

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 5

Source: Instagram

Being a yoga enthusiast and someone who travels a lot (due to the nature of her work), she decided to have a little fun and take photos of herself doing yoga poses in various tropical spots across the world – and it has been captivating her Instagram followers ever since.

Eventually, she started amassing online fans when she began posting photos of her doing yoga poses from different parts of the world.

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 6

Source: Instagram

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 7

Source: Instagram

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 10

Source: Instagram

Of course, she also posts pictures of her sitting in the cockpit – and she looks like she’s having a blast with her job, too.

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 2

Source: Instagram

woman pilot yoga maria petterson 8

Source: Instagram

Other than that, what we know about Maria – based on her Instagram posts – is that she also loves swimming and ice cream. Well, she seems like a cool girl to hang out with!

If you want to follower her adventures, go check her out on Instagram or her PilotMaria website.


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