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30 Hilarious Comics That Show What Would Happen If Cat And Man Switched Roles





One thing I so dig about comics is how it brilliantly marries pictures and words. I fell in love with the medium since I was a kid and my fascination with it has never left. Now I’m in my 30s and I still enjoy reading them.

Aside from buying from the stores, I check out a lot of comics online and so I’ve come across new favorites. For instance, there’s Fowl Language by Brian Gordon, a heartwarming yet wildly hilarious comic about the day to day joys and struggles of parenthood. I also love Tom Fonder’s The Adventures of Business Cat which, as the title implies, depicts a boss cat who juggles between managing a company and napping on top of keyboards.

I tell you – both are worth checking out.

Recently though, someone told me about Manfried The Man by Caitlin Major, a brilliant comic artist from Canada. Found on Tumblr, this is a funny and entertaining series about Steve, an anthropomorphic cat, and Manfried, his pet man.

In Caitlin’s own description, the comic is “a kind of reverse Garfield, Manfried annoys his owner by doing all the things that a cat would do and will make you question the nature of your relationship with your pets.”

Sounds interesting for a plot, you say? Well go scroll down below and prepare for a healthy dose of cuteness and laughter.































If you are a cat person – or I guess even if you’re not – you’d probably end up loving this series.

Can’t get enough of Manfried the Man? Well, you might as well head over to Tumblr for more comics and the latest updates. You may also check out the ‘Shop’ part on the page in case you’re curious about purchasing a physical copy of the comic, along with other merchandise such as enamel pins, sticker sheets, comic postcards, and more.

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