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30 Hilarious Comics That Show What Would Happen If Cat And Man Switched Roles

This will make you question the nature of your relationship with your pets.


One thing I so dig about comics is how it brilliantly marries pictures and words. I fell in love with the medium since I was a kid and my fascination with it has never left. Now I’m in my 30s and I still enjoy reading them.

Aside from buying from the stores, I check out a lot of comics online and so I’ve come across new favorites. For instance, there’s Fowl Language by Brian Gordon, a heartwarming yet wildly hilarious comic about the day to day joys and struggles of parenthood. I also love Tom Fonder’s The Adventures of Business Cat which, as the title implies, depicts a boss cat who juggles between managing a company and napping on top of keyboards.

I tell you – both are worth checking out.

Recently though, someone told me about Manfried The Man by Caitlin Major, a brilliant comic artist from Canada. Found on Tumblr, this is a funny and entertaining series about Steve, an anthropomorphic cat, and Manfried, his pet man.

In Caitlin’s own description, the comic is “a kind of reverse Garfield, Manfried annoys his owner by doing all the things that a cat would do and will make you question the nature of your relationship with your pets.”

Sounds interesting for a plot, you say? Well go scroll down below and prepare for a healthy dose of cuteness and laughter.































If you are a cat person – or I guess even if you’re not – you’d probably end up loving this series.

Can’t get enough of Manfried the Man? Well, you might as well head over to Tumblr for more comics and the latest updates. You may also check out the ‘Shop’ part on the page in case you’re curious about purchasing a physical copy of the comic, along with other merchandise such as enamel pins, sticker sheets, comic postcards, and more.


20 Hilarious Captions That Totally Tweak Art History

I totally lost it at #1 and #8!

If you mix historical art pieces with modern humor, things are bound to be a riot. Remember that time when we shared with you about UK dude Jake Marshall who went to a museum, took face swaps with the statues, and then posted the photos on Imgur? That guy achieved viral fame because of his funny (but creepy) pictures.

Other than that, you may also remember those laugh-out-loud-inducing museum Snapchats which totally had hilarious captions.

Well if you loved those previous posts, you will no doubt dig this new one we recently came across with as we were browsing online. Originally posted on Reddit, these historical artworks were blended with modern meme-style captions and that just totally changed everything.

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Terrified Florida Cop Caught On CCTV Running Away From A Tiny Mouse

Well, that was embarrassing and slightly awkward…

We all have a mental image of what a cop looks and behaves like. We mostly visualize them as serious men in uniform who will not think twice about apprehending violators of the law. We call on them during emergencies since it is their solemn duty to serve and protect the public.

We, however, sometimes fail to see them as human beings who may also have their own weaknesses – like being afraid of mouse!

Yes, even a tough-looking police officer has the right to be terrified of a tiny mouse.

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20 of the Worst and Most Disastrous Cake Fails Ever

Expectations vs. reality!

Some people were born to bake. Others, however, were born to create disasters. So how do we find out which side of the spectrum we belong to? The answer is pretty simple: give baking a try!

Sure, baking can't be that complicated, right? There are loads of recipes and instructions on the internet and all we have to do is follow them and we're guaranteed to be rewarded with a scrumptious pastry treat. Besides, the photos that accompany the recipe looks just so inviting. And if those who took the photos were able to pull it off, why can't we?

The thing is, what they don't tell us in those recipes and food blogs is that expectations differ from reality - and that is a vital information that we must obtain before we even attempt to put on our chef hats.

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